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At Face the Future, we are here to give you advice for life when it comes to everything skin related. Uncover real-life stories told by our customers, and learn about how our virtual consultation service helped to improve their skin concerns.


Skin Type: Dry, Dehydrated and Acne-Prone

"During the first consultation, Amber explained the whole process to me and she also shared her story with me which was very relatable. This made me feel at ease as she understood what I was going through in terms of my confidence due to my acne. She put together a great skincare package that has transformed my skin. I personally want to say thank you to Amber for everything she has done for me and for getting my confidence back as well as rescuing my skin. I will forever be grateful."


Skin Type: Rosacea, Reactive

"I was impressed with Jess’ knowledge and enjoyed a two-way conversation on what I liked and didn’t like, what I already used and what I’d be worried about using. In conclusion, I would urge any friends and family with skin issues to get in touch with this lovely team for their advice, because it is to be trusted. I’m confident that if any problems with products occurred, the team would be able to address these, and find a solution that works for the individual."​


Skin Type: Combination​, Dull, Pigmentation-Prone

"I found the overall experience to be convenient, easy and effective. Amber has been a pleasure to speak to, she's been helpful, accommodating and attentive to the information I've shared about my skin concerns. I have found the virtual consultations to be hassle free and exactly what I needed; skincare is a bit of a maze to navigate, therefore having regular check-ins with someone helps me to find good and suitable products faster than if I had gone out by myself trialling products - which is very costly!”​

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