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DCL (Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories) was founded in 1980 and having recently overhauled their formulations and packaging, the product range offer an array of skin health benefits.

Created in collaboration with leading dermatologists, surgeons and scientists, the DCL New World Collection contains active ingredients to address your skin concerns. The product range also protects and strengthens the four most important components of the skin: the stratum corneum, the epidermis, the dermal-epidermal junction and the dermis.

The complete DCL range is available from Face the Future. We are authorised stockists of the DCL product range and all products are available to buy online, by phone on 0113 282 7744 or at our advanced skin clinic.

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DCL Skincare


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DCL C Scape High Potency Night Booster 30

This anti-ageing night cream firms, tightens and evens skin tone while you sleep.

DCL Skincare Multi Action Penta Peel

This refining face peel renews the appearance of dull skin for a smooth, radiant complexion.

DCL C Scape High Potency Body Lotion

Luxurious, exfoliating and hydrating treatment for use all over the body.

DCL SA Scalp Therapy Shampoo

Controlling severe itching and flaking on the scalp.

DCL G20 Radiance Peel

Formulated with 20% Glycolic Acid, these pads provide skin with a mini at home peel for a radiant, smooth complexion.

DCL Peptide Plus Eye Treatment

A blend of peptides, vitamins and ceramides work to smooth, firm and brighten ageing skin of the eye contour.

DCL Peptide Plus Cream

Ideal for mature, sun damaged skins, this anti-ageing peptide moisturiser restores a firm, radiant and youthful complexion.

DCL Skin Renewal Complex SPF 30

This multi-functional day cream gently resurfaces as well as soothing, hydrating and protecting skin throughout the day.

DCL C Scape Enzymatic Gel Cleanser

This refreshing cleanser uses natural enzymes and vitamin C to deeply cleanse and boost skin radiance.

DCL Zoma Shampoo

This highly effective medicated shampoo deeply soothes the scalp with zinc, vitamins, peptides and uplifting essential oils helping to cleanse away impurities and excess oils to leave your head feeling fresh, clear and clean.

£28.00£29.00 3% offsaving
DCL Clear Skin Anti-Blemish Hydrator

This lightweight moisturiser restores hydration as well as helping to treat and prevent breakouts.

DCL Alpha Beta Gel Toner

This lightweight gel toner unclogs the pores and gently exfoliates to treat blemishes.

£30.00£31.00 3% offsaving
DCL C Scape High Potency Serum 25

This powerful antioxidant serum improves the appearance of discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles.

DCL Profoundly Effective A Cream SPF 30

This effective treatment contains a non-irritating form of vitamin A that helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture.

DCL Strengthening Conditioner

Ideal for fortifying the scalp and hair strands, this daily conditioner is the perfect way to moisturise damaged, weak hair.

£35.00£36.00 3% offsaving
DCL Peptide Plus Hand Cream

Restore and nourish dry, ageing hands.

DCL AHA Resurfacing Lotion 20

Formulated with 20% Glycolic Acid, this lotion transforms the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture.

DCL Antioxidant Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

This chemical free formula protects even the most sensitive of skins against ageing UV damage.

DCL Hydra Boost Finishing Serum

Formulated with three forms of Hyaluronic Acid, this finishing serum plumps, hydrates and restores a radiant complexion.

DCL Detoxifying Clay Mask

Using a blend of mineral clays, this mask draws out spot-causing impurities for a smoother, clearer complexion.

£44.00£45.00 2% offsaving
DCL Super Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50

This lightweight, ultra absorbing sunscreen protects the skin without leaving a residue or 'whitening' appearance behind.

DCL Strengthening Shampoo

Fortifying scalp and strands, this gentle daily shampoo is the perfect way to start your shower ritual if your hairs in need of repair.

DCL Ultra-Comfort Cleanser

This soothing gentle cleanser removes all traces of make up and impurities without irritating dry, sensitive skin.

£27.95£29.00 4% offsaving
DCL Spot Therapy

This targeted treatment acts quickly to diminish the appearance of breakouts without drying the skin.

DCL Skin Brightening Complexion Treatment 30ml

This non-irritating formula minimises the appearance of dark spots for a brighter complexion.

DCL Intensive Itch Relief Lotion

Targeted treatment lotion to help relieve the pain and discomfort of irritated skin.

DCL Ultra-Comfort Cream

Formulated with natural extracts, this soothing moisturiser repairs, rebuilds and hydrates irritated, dry and sensitive skin.

DCL G10 Radiance Peel

Formulated with 10% Glycolic Acid, these pads provide skin with a mini at home peel for a radiant, smooth complexion.

DCL Express Waterless Makeup Remover

This lightweight formula removes all traces of make up, including waterproof, without irritating or drying the skin.

DCL Ultra-Light Hydrator SPF 30

DCL Ultra Light Hydrator SPF30 is a silky, breathable moisturiser that keeps the skin hydrated without feeling greasy or heavy.

DCL Hydrating Treatment Mask

Helps to nourish, soothe and hydrate the skin.

£48.00£49.00 2% offsaving
DCL Essential Skin Protection SPF 30

This antioxidant packed hydrating sunscreen is ideal for those with drier, mature skin.


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