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Luxury Men’s Grooming

Bring a piece of Murdock London’s expertise to your own bathroom cabinet with this specialist men’s grooming collection.

Used in their quirky, cool barbershops in London hotspots, discover the selection of beard care, haircare, bodycare, and shaving products designed to take your grooming routine to the next level.

Inspired by London’s melting pot of different fashions, styles, and cultures, Murdock London are empowering men to feel confident and sharp.

More Than A Barber: Men’s Mental Health Advocates

Murdock London believes that the authentic relationship between a barber and the customer is built upon expertise, excellent personal service, loyalty, and trust. Caring for their customers way beyond the barber’s chair, Murdock London have strong ethics with supporting men with their mental health and wellbeing.

With 12 lives lost every day to suicide, it tragically remains the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. Revealing research from CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) has shown that a huge 84% of men bottle up their emotions and are much less likely to reach out to friends, family, or trained professionals during tough times than women are.

Because of this, Murdock London have an ongoing #MoreThanABarber campaign to raise awareness and support around men’s mental health. What’s more, several of their barbers have completed training in mental health awareness and skill with workplace Mental Health First Aid England.

Face The Future is an authorised stockist of Murdock London. Their product range is available to buy online or by phone on 0113 282 7744.

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Murdock London
Murdock London Shaving CreamMurdock London Shaving Cream
Murdock London Shaving Cream

Murdock London Pre Shave OilMurdock London Pre Shave Oil
Murdock London Pre Shave Oil

Murdock London Beard Oil 50mlMurdock London Beard Oil 50ml
Murdock London Beard Oil 50ml


Let’s Talk About Men’s Grooming Skincare

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Murdock London Beard Balm 50mlMurdock London Beard Balm 50ml
Murdock London Beard Balm 50ml

Murdock London Matt MudMurdock London Matt Mud
Murdock London Matt Mud

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Murdock London Texture PasteMurdock London Texture Paste
Murdock London Texture Paste

Sold out
Murdock London Beard HeroesMurdock London Beard Heroes
Murdock London Beard Heroes

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Murdock London Hair PlayMurdock London Hair Play
Murdock London Hair Play

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Murdock London Sea Salt PasteMurdock London Sea Salt Paste
Murdock London Sea Salt Paste


Nourish Your Beard With Murdock London Beard Oil

Give your beard the royal treatment with Murdock London's Beard Oil.

This luxurious blend of 100% natural oils deeply nourishes your facial hair, leaving it feeling smooth and looking glossy. It doesn't stop there, though - the oil also penetrates to soothe and soften the skin underneath, preventing dryness and irritation. Plus, the light, delicate fragrance adds a touch of sophistication to your grooming routine. It's a must-have for any beard enthusiast.

To enjoy the benefits, massage a small amount into your beard daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No – Murdock London do not conduct or commission animal testing on raw materials or finished materials by either their suppliers or laboratories.

Murdock London stated they were committed to offering a 100% vegan product range by Spring 2021. They say that a few older formulas are still available while they use up existing stock. These products include Matt Mud, Hair Play, Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo, and Pre Shave Oil. Vegan versions of Matt Mud, Hair Play, and Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo are coming soon. They also say that the Pre Shave Oil, however, will be discontinued entirely.

No, they are not. However, they contain many high performance, active ingredients that are of botanical origin.

Yes they do. Murdock London states that grooming products need to contain a preservative system in order to guarantee the safety and efficacy of the products They have, however, achieved this without the use of parabens.

Men's Grooming Tips: Get to know Murdock London with Miles Wood-Smith

We caught up with Murdock London’s Master Barber, Miles Wood-Smith, and learnt all about the luxury men’s grooming brand. From their quirky barber shop in London, they have created a collection of beard care, haircare, bodycare, and shaving products that are guaranteed to take your grooming routine to the next level.