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Dr. Andrew Birnie, a leading dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, founded Altruist along with his friend, David Westerbeek Van Eerten. 

Their mission? To reduce the incidence of skin cancer by creating super highly protective sunscreen at an affordable price point, enabling more people to be able to wear more sunscreen.

Working together with some of the best scientists in Europe and BASF, the two friends created their sun care and skincare collection and continue to promote better education and awareness around the importance of sun protection.

With products containing 5 star UVA protection, Altruist deliver super-protective formulas to help shield your skin.

What’s The Difference Between SPF30 And SPF50 Protection?

SPF indicates the UVB protection, however, the amount of UVB radiation that’s filtered varies across different SPFs.

  • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB.
  • SPF 30 blocks 96.7% of UVB.
  • SPF 50 blocks 98.3% of UVB.

So, SPF50 has a higher UVA protection compared to SPF30.

The star rating system on sunscreens is based on the ratio of UVA/UVB. Both SPF50 and SPF30 are the maximum of 5 stars, but as the UVB protection of the 50 is higher, the UVA is too.

Experts recommend wearing no less than SPF30 to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Face The Future is an authorised stockist of Altruist. Their product range is available to buy online or by phone on 0113 282 7744.

For a truly bespoke skincare service or advice on the best Altruist products for your skin, talk to one of our skincare experts via phone or email, or complete our online real-time skin test.

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Altruist Sunscreen SPF30 200mlAltruist Sunscreen SPF30 200ml
Altruist Sunscreen SPF30 200ml

£5.00 £6.25 20% offsaving
Altruist Face Fluid Sunscreen SPF50 50mlAltruist Face Fluid Sunscreen SPF50 50ml
Altruist Face Fluid Sunscreen SPF50 50ml

£9.56 £11.95 20% offsaving
Altruist Face Fluid Sunscreen SPF30 50mlAltruist Face Fluid Sunscreen SPF30 50ml
Altruist Face Fluid Sunscreen SPF30 50ml

£7.40 £9.25 20% offsaving
Altruist Sunscreen SPF30 - 1 Litre BottleAltruist Sunscreen SPF30 - 1 Litre Bottle
Altruist Sunscreen SPF30 - 1 Litre Bottle

£20.80 £26.00 20% offsaving
Altruist Primer SPF50 30mlAltruist Primer SPF50 30ml
Altruist Primer SPF50 30ml

£8.40 £10.50 20% offsaving
Altruist Invisible Sunspray SPF50 200mlAltruist Invisible Sunspray SPF50 200ml
Altruist Invisible Sunspray SPF50 200ml

£6.00 £7.50 20% offsaving
Altruist Anti-Redness & Pigmentation SPF50 30mlAltruist Anti-Redness & Pigmentation SPF50 30ml
Altruist Anti-Redness & Pigmentation SPF50 30ml

£10.00 £12.50 20% offsaving
Altruist Family Sunspray SPF50 250mlAltruist Family Sunspray SPF50 250ml
Altruist Family Sunspray SPF50 250ml

£10.80 £13.50 20% offsaving
Altruist Sunscreen SPF50 100mlAltruist Sunscreen SPF50 100ml
Altruist Sunscreen SPF50 100ml

£4.60 £5.75 20% offsaving
Altruist Sunscreen SPF50 - 1 Litre BottleAltruist Sunscreen SPF50 - 1 Litre Bottle
Altruist Sunscreen SPF50 - 1 Litre Bottle

£26.20 £32.75 20% offsaving

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