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The Beauty Of Bali - Bottled

Aussie expat, Emily, spent countless holidays exploring Bali. From its volcanic beaches to lush rainforests, this tropical paradise become a constant source of inspiration.

Wanting to embrace all the benefits of Balinese ingredients, Emily began to wonder how she could bottle the Bali magic, combine it with serious science, and bring it to the beauty market for women and men to enjoy all around the world.

After careful research and a lot of digging, Emily soon settled on a hero ingredient – raw virgin coconuts – and Coco & Eve began.

Sourcing the best tropical Balinese ingredients - from coconut oil and cocoa, to ripe, juicy mangoes.

100% Vegan Tropical Skincare

From ripe, juicy mangoes, guava, and papaya, to coconut oil and cocoa, Coco & Eve embrace the best of Balinese tropical ingredients to create their award-winning skincare.

Spending years perfecting their formulas, you won’t find any drying and damaging sulfates, phthalates, or parabens in these 100% vegan and cruelty-free formulas.

Discover tropical beauty to nourish your skin, body, and hair.

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Coco & Eve Haircare & Skincare

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Coco & Eve Daily Watergel SPF50Coco & Eve Daily Watergel SPF50
Coco & Eve Daily Watergel SPF50

Coco & Eve Hair Mask Travel Kit
Coco & Eve Hair Mask Travel Kit

Coco & Eve Pro Youth Duo KitCoco & Eve Pro Youth Duo Kit
Coco & Eve Pro Youth Duo Kit

Coco & Eve Depuff Eye Cream
Coco & Eve Depuff Eye Cream

Coco & Eve Tan Masters KitCoco & Eve Tan Masters Kit
Coco & Eve Tan Masters Kit

Coco & Eve Date Night KitCoco & Eve Date Night Kit
Coco & Eve Date Night Kit

Coco & Eve Seed Oil CleanserCoco & Eve Seed Oil Cleanser
Coco & Eve Seed Oil Cleanser


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