Frequently Asked Questions: Laser Hair Removal

Frequently Asked Questions: Laser Hair Removal

Fed up of waxing, shaving, plucking and epilating? Courses of laser hair removal offer a permanent alternative to the constant, time consuming and costly nature of regular, but temporary, removal of unwanted hair.

If you have been thinking about laser hair removal, now is the perfect time to start and work towards becoming hair-free for summer. Read on to find out more about laser hair removal at Face the Future

Q. Why do I need a consultation and patch test?

In order to identify the best possible laser for your hair type, skin type and area to be treated, we need to carry out a free consultation and a £25 patch test to see how your skin and hair reacts to the laser. At a consultation we can also answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

Q. How does laser hair reduction work?

The laser works by targeting pigment within the hair called melanin, which is heated up to a specific temperature that kills the root (bulb) of the hair. After a course of treatment, the majority of the hair will grow back slower, thinner and eventually fall out.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person and will depend on a number of factors including the area to be treated, any medication you are taking, genetics, as well as hormonal factors such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause and PCOS.

Q. Will the laser completely remove all my unwanted hair?

The short answer is no, this treatment is hair reduction and works by killing the root (bulb) of the hair, so for most people a course of 6 - 12 sessions are required to cause the hair to grow back slower, thinner and eventually fall out. Top-up sessions may also be required to maintain results.

Q. Is laser hair reduction painful?

No, we have three modern Class 4 Lasers at our CQC regulated clinic to suit varying hair and skin types and they offer pain-free laser hair reduction.Our extensive range of lasers enable our experienced practitioners to provide unbiased, clear and impartial advice to ensure the best laser is used for your particular needs.

Q. Which lasers are available for use?

We have three Class 4 Lasers available in clinic, Nd YAG, Soprano XL and DIode. All are medical lasers, which are effective for a variety of skin types.

Q. My hair is light/grey/blonde, do you offer any other solutions for hair removal?

As the laser targets dark pigment within the hair, laser hair removal is not an option for lighter hair types. We do offer alternative hair removal treatments such as Electrolysis or Alkaline Wash, which you can find out more about in our blog: Hair Removal Alternatives.

Q. How long do the sessions take?

This will depend on the area being treated. Approximately 15 minutes for lip, chin and up to 45 minutes for a full leg.

Q. Why should I choose Face the Future for laser hair reduction?

Face the Future is an independent and advanced skin clinic established over 15 years ago. Our Laser Practitioners are fully insured and Face the Future is regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

Start your laser hair removal journey at Face the Future and book your FREE consultation and £25 patch test today.

For more information and to book a consultation and patch test, call 0113 282 7744, email, or book online.

Written for you by: Julie, Face the Future

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