HydraFacial: Gunk & Glow

HydraFacial: Gunk & Glow

Regular readers of our blog will be well aware of the revolutionary 6-step treatment that is HydraFacial. It's the perfect treatment all year round and leave skin looking and feeling glowing, refreshed and hydrated.

Let's have a quick recap on what the HydraFacial is, as well as the multitude of benefits it offers. The HydraFacial treatment focuses on the unique philosophy of “Skin Health for Life. Offering hydration, plumped and dewy skin, this treatment is suitable for all skin types and concerns. In just under an hour the 6-step HydraFacial treatment will have your skin looking bright, radiant and glowing.

The HydraFacial consists of the following 6 steps:

1. Detox - Lymphatic drainage techniques.

2. Deep cleanse and exfoliation - To clear pores.

3. Acid peel - Glycolic Acid to brighten and remove the build up of dead skin.

4. Extraction - Easily extracting blackheads and whiteheads.

5. Hydration - Deliver a cocktail of antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and peptides to hydrate skin.

6. Rejuvenation - LED light therapy.HydraFacial is suitable for all skin types and concerns, take a look at the amazing results below!

Gunk & Glow

This blog is all about the 'Gunk' that comes out of your skin during the HydraFacial. It really is surprising what our skin holds and although it may be gross, it's also oddly satisfyingright?! Every time you have a HydraFacial, you can see the good it's done by looking at the 'gunk' that's come out of your skin and collected in the waste tank. It's one of the most captivating aspects of the treatment!Our patients always like to see a visible response on their skin after treatment, whether that is erythema from stimulating collagen or fresh 'glowy' skin post peel procedures. However, with the Hydrafacial there is zero downtime just radiant, gunk-free skin!

What is the Gunk?

This is what is collected in the waste tank from performing all 6 aspects of the HydraFacial. All the serums and active ingredients we apply to the skin are clear, therefore any thing that comes through the pipe into the waste tank, is purely what is coming out of your skin. Most of the time when we see the 'gunk' it is dead skin cells, dirt and debris that have built up and leave skin looking dull and lax.The last few months has got our skin crying out for some much needed TLC and maintenance. So why not book your HydraFacial treatment today to see the 'Gunk and Glow' for yourself? Improve the look and health of your complexion and show 2020 who's boss! Don't forget to tag us in your #GunkNGlowChallenge on social media!

For more information on the HydraFacial treatment and to book your appointment, call 0113 282 7744, email info@facethefuture.co.uk, or book online.

Written for you by: Jess, Face the Future

Image source: HydraFacial UK

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