Clinic Treatment for Intimate Pigmentation

Clinic Treatment for Intimate Pigmentation

Not all pigmentation is easy to see. In fact, intimate pigmentation is an extremely common concern, particularly in skins of darker colour. Whilst many accept it is part and parcel of their skin type, others find it an area of specific cosmetic concern. The first thing to address and confirm, is that this is completely normal and doesn't indicate any medical issues. However, if it is becoming a source of embarrassment or is affecting a patient's confidence, then it is possible to treat.

Pigmentation can appear on the underarm or genital area due to the high concentration of melanocytes around the vagina and underarms. This pigmentation can also be caused by sweat glands, hormones and friction on the skin in these specific areas.

For years this has been somewhat of a taboo subject, with little to no knowledge about safe and effective lightening treatments for such sensitive areas.However, with growing interest in intimate rejuvenation for both men and women, treatments are more commonly available. It's important to note that a quick Internet search will bring up hundreds of D.I.Y home remedies for intimate bleaching and these should be avoided. The skin around these areas is particularly sensitive and it is likely these makeshift, at-home, quick fixes will cause more harm than good. In fact, the chances of causing permanent damage are extremely high.

ME LINE intimate peel is available at our CQC regulated clinic and works to effectively treat hyperpigmentation on the private body parts for both men and women. This treatment can be used to treat pigmentation concerns in the pubic region and underarm area. As well as improving pigmentation, the ME LINE intimate peel also works on rejuvenating and brightening the skin, similar to the effects seen with a face peel.

You can read more about the ME LINE treatment here, or for more information, call to speak to a specialist on 0113 282 3300.

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