4 Vida Glow Marine Collagen Products And More You Need To Try This Winter

marine collagen products

From powerful antioxidant blends to innovative anti-ageing ingestibles and skincare, learn more about the Vida Glow marine collagen and supplement products you’ll love to incorporate into your beauty routine for healthier hair, skin, and nails this winter and beyond.

Designed for real, active people, Vida Glow offers beauty solutions and scientifically formulated ingestible supplements for people that don’t have time for complicated regimes and superficial beauty. Built on marine collagen with SkinAx2™, Vida Glow offers supplements for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Founded by Anna Lahey

After struggling with hair loss and trying a multitude of supplements, Anna Lahey soon realised that marine collagen was the only ingredient to give her long-lasting, sustainable results.

After beginning collagen supplementation, Anna saw changes throughout her lifestyle, her diet, and her whole outlook on holistic, healthy living. Wanting to share these transformative results to help others achieve their health and beauty goals, Anna created Vida Glow.   

What is SkinAx2™?

Combining the bioavailable benefits of vitamin c, zinc, carotenoids, French melon extract (cucumis melo), and Champagne grape seed (vitis vinifera), SkinAx2™ is an award-winning formula of natural antioxidants.

The formula provides optimal antioxidant protection and promotes skin radiance for healthy, more brightened skin.    

4 Vida Glow Marine Collagen Products And More You Need To Try

Natural Marine Collagen Sachets Mango

This natural marine collagen is a peptide supplement that’s made from sustainably sourced fish skin.  Activated to boost absorption to ensure your body can use it, the supplement helps to stimulate your body’s own collagen production.

Supporting the ageing process, natural marine collagen helps to promote thick hair, strong nails, and firmer, more youthful looking skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and, improve skin’s elasticity.


Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen Sachets Mango

Anti-G-Ox™ Berry

This daily antioxidant supplement defends at a cellular level, fighting against oxidative stress - the root cause of premature ageing.

The supplement works to enhance your skin and assist healthy sugar metabolism with its potent blend of actives. When used daily, it helps your skin to be more resilient, to help withstand the ageing effects of stress, the sun, environmental pollution, poor dietary choices, and sleep disruptors.

This berry-flavoured formula is an absorption-boosting effervescent – it can be taken straight onto your tongue where it dissolves quickly or mixed in water. (Our FTF team can confirm that the Anti-G-Ox™ Berry tastes like a sweet sherberty treat - we're more than happy to take this daily!)



Vida Glow Anti-G-Ox™ Berry


This once daily ingestible capsule has a unique blend of potent and bioavailable actives that help to address discoloured and uneven skin caused by excess melanin production.

Working to lighten pigmentation and diminish skin imperfections, like dark under-eye circles and blemishes, you’ll notice a difference in your skin health and radiance.

Tasteless and odourless, the capsules are easy to swallow and incorporate into your daily routine.


Vida Glow Radiance


Help to lengthen, strengthen, and repair your hair with this daily supplement.

Naturally, our hair sheds daily as part of its natural renewal cycle, but factors like vitamin deficiencies, hormones, and stress can promote weakness, excessive shedding, and damage.

Hairology™ works to optimise the environment necessary for your hair to grow and thrive.

Powered by AnaGain™, a hero active, plus a blend of targeted micronutrients, Hairology™ helps you to reach your hair goals by maintaining healthy hair follicles that revitalise and strengthen your strands from within.


Vida Glow Hairology™

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