What's New in Clinic: Meso Lip

What's New in Clinic: Meso Lip

We saw the huge PIP breast implant epidemic in 2014 and last year was not only the year of Botox but also 'Brotox'. This year, it seems the rising star of the cosmetics industry is, yes, you guessed it big lips. With the media displaying the Kardashian clan as the 'ideal' image of beauty, it seems we are slipping further and further from the reality of non-surgical treatments like dermal filler. Remember, non-surgical does not mean non-risk.

Semi permanent lip fillers such as Juvederm are a cross-linked filler of hyaluronic acid that plumps up the lips and adds instant volume. It can be used to fill the body of the lip as well as shape the border, creating perfect symmetry and eradicating the fine lines and wrinkles that develop through ageing. Fillers can also be used for corrective reconstruction when damage has taken place through fault or injury and the lips have been left scarred or misshapen.However, as we have seen many times before, the media has a particular way of falsely advertising the effects of certain treatments, leading to patient misunderstanding and misguidance. The result achieved by semi permanent lip fillers depends on each individual. It is only possible to work with what one has in the first place, i.e. if you have larger lips to begin with you may be able to obtain more hyaluronic to achieve a fuller effect. If the lips are naturally thin, they are most likely in proportion with your face shape and other features. In this case, to inject high volumes of filler would not only distort the lip shape but it would also not be possible to safely achieve the result wanted. It is really important that as a client you receive a full consultation regarding your individual treatment and what you can expect to achieve as a result.

13754121_1344124105615371_4694077976464280624_nA before and after image of one of our clients following the Mesolip treatment.

Meso Lip is a treatment specifically designed with you in mind. The bespoke treatment involves small microinjections of hyaluronic acid into the body of the lip to increase hydration and give a subtle, natural volume increase that can be seen immediately after just one treatment. The treatment is pain free and very low risk due to pure ingredients being injected.Meso Lip is part of a series of treatments originating from the technique of Mesotherapy. The process of Mesotherapy involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients that feed the skin, creating cell renewal, improving skin health, reforming skin texture, reducing pigmentation and helping to correct tightening caused by loss of elastin.

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