Treat Post Summer Pigmentation With Cosmelan

Treat Post Summer Pigmentation With Cosmelan

You did everything you should; you applied the sunblock, you stayed in the shade but you still got the pigmentation sound familiar? Don't worry, you're not alone. Summer may already be a distant memory but often it leaves us with an unwanted reminder on our skin. Pigmentation presents itself in dark patches (hyperpigmentation) or light patches (hypopigmentation) and can appear anywhere on the face or body. It's most commonly seen in areas that are exposed to the sun.

Identifying your pigmentation

Sun damage

The most common types of pigmentation are from sun damage and will appear in the form of freckles, sunspots and moles. They will often get darker in the summer months and without treatment they can be permanent.


Not all pigmentation is directly from sun damage alone. In some cases pigmentation can be caused by an onset of hormonal changes from pregnancy or contraceptive medication i.e. the pill. This type of pigmentation tends to take a mask like formation on the face. It is also know as Chloasma or in cases of pregnancy, Melasma.Pigmentation can be tricky to treat. This is for a few reasons, but the main reason is the fact that our melanocytes, which are the skin cells responsible for the colour in our skin, have a very good memory. This means when they are damaged they are not very forgiving. Most pigmentation treatments are simply not long enough to encourage the melanocytes to 'forget' the damage that has occurred. Although the treatments may initially appear to have worked, the pigmentation will continue to come back.

Why Cosmelan?

Cosmelan is an in clinic treatment combined with a home maintenance system designed to treat, prevent and maintain long lasting results. The treatment itself is a mask that is applied by your practitioner and left on for 8 hours. In this time you are able to go home and remove the mask when the time is complete. You will then manage the results of your peel by using the Cosmelan home care system for 12 months. The home maintenance creams contain inhibitors that keep your pigmentation under control.

What should I expect?

The peeling process should last about 1-2 weeks. Each client is different as to just how much they will peel. Some clients may wish to book time off work, whilst others are more than able to carry on with day-to-day duties as normal.

The results

Cosmelan aims to achieve a 93% improvement in pigmentation. This treatment is a fantastic addition to our clinic and we have achieved amazing, life changing results but it is a year long commitment that you must be willing to dedicate yourself to. Your skin will look and feel fantastic and benefit not only from a brighter, smoother, clearer complexion but an overall health enhancement.

For more information on the treatment, call our clinic to book in for a consultation on 0113 282 3300.

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