The Young Female Face: Why Are Younger Women Turning to Botox?

The Young Female Face: Why Are Younger Women Turning to Botox?

With the fear of sounding like my grandmother, it seems crossing over into adulthood is a little more complicated than it was when I was younger. There is an ever-growing trend amongst today's millennials and it relates to the 'picture perfect face'. We are seeing an increase in twenty somethings coming for 'age related' concerns and it's not unheard of to see groups of teens seeking anti wrinkle injections.

The difficulty in treating these clients is not only in managing their expectations but also trying to discover what it is they really want to achieve and if it is ethical to do so. We are so often misinformed and disillusioned about the achievable outcomes we desire, due to what I like to call 'Instagram friendly results'. Photoshopped finish, unrealistic, make-believe and, quite frankly, fake goals. So we thought we'd squash a few of the most commonly searched questions circling the net...

What's the age limit on anti wrinkle injections?

Well the truth is, as long as the patient is over 18, by law they are able to sign and consent to the procedure.

Who can give Botox and fillers?

This is where there is some confusion. Let's not get confused between the two; Botox and filler injections are very different. Botox is first of all a brand name of the drug botulinum toxin. This is important when choosing your practitioner. Make sure they are using the accredited brand or a similar approved drug. This leads me to my next point: Botox is a drug! This means it must be prescribed to you by a doctor, dentist or nurse prescriber after a thorough consultation has been carried out (just as it would in the doctors office). Would you accept antibiotics from a hairdresser or nail technician? I didn't think so.Now fillers are a little more complicated. Most dermal fillers on the market are semi permanent filler made up from an ingredient known as hyaluronic acid (amongst other things). It may come as a surprise to you that anyone can undergo a short course to learn how to 'inject' fillers and carry out practice with very little training.However, most accredited training bodies now have specific requirements for their trainees. Always do your research when choosing your practitioner. The face has a vast and complicated blood supply consisting of vessels that need to be avoided. A wide knowledge of the facial anatomy is crucial when performing filler treatment.

Can Botox prevent wrinkles?

Not exactly. Botox works by relaxing the muscles in the face. This softens the appearance of wrinkles. Expression lines can be minimised if the muscles are no longer in use, which is why it has seen a rise in popularity for prevention. However, Botox will not treat the skin or maintain skin health and since we know this is where our wrinkles form, the best form of age prevention is still to live a healthy lifestyle, stay hydrated, sleep lots and follow a good skin regime consisting of active ingredients and you guessed it, sunblock.It's our job to inform, teach and advise our clients on how to achieve the best result for their age, face and specific concern.

It is not our job to make everyone look the same and for this we are proud.

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