Six-Week Summer Cellulite Treatment

Six-Week Summer Cellulite Treatment

We first met our patient Sarah, a 33 year old mum of two, back in October last year. She came to visit the clinic with a number of concerns regarding her body. As a young mum of two under 5's, pregnancy, breast-feeding and a busy lifestyle meant Sarah has had little time to focus on herself. As most mums do, Sarah prioritises family life, but now both children are in full time nursery, Sarah decided it was time to shift her focus onto some self-care.

“My biggest concern has and always will be my bum and thighs. Even before having children I found I would gather weight around this area. I'm only 5'3, which makes carrying any extra weight even more difficult to pull off. I like my curves and don't want to loose masses of weight but my pear shaped figure is looking a little more apple right now.

After doing some research online I found that Face the Future offer lots of different treatments and would be able to advise me on which would work best. I toyed with the idea of surgery but being a Mum of two meant I simply couldn't afford the high costs and recovery time needed post-op.

I was really nervous before my consultation and was worried about been judged. I was very self-conscious about the way I looked with clothes on, let alone without. As soon as I drove into the clinic I knew I'd made the right decision.

The clinic is easily accessible from the motorway and is hidden away from the city centre with a private car park for complete discretion.

I was welcomed by the reception staff and instantly felt at ease. My free consultation was with clinician Claire, who explained her extensive background within the wellbeing and fitness industry, working as a personal trainer for a number of years before turning to aesthetics. She discussed my goals and what I wanted to achieve before explaining a realistic outcome to ensure my expectations would be met.

The treatment involves dedication and commitment from you at home so miracles should not be expected overnight! The fact that all this was explained to me gave me more confidence in the clinic. There was no hard sell and in fact I was told to go home and think about the procedures before booking in or committing to any payment.

This is something the clinic call a “cooling off period. That evening I discussed the pros and cons with my husband and did some independent research online which Claire had encouraged me to do. I already knew at this point I wanted to go ahead with treatment and I was eager to get started.

I was advised that to achieve the best aesthetic outcome, the Six-Week Summer Cellulite Treatment would work best for me. My aim was to get some inch loss, smooth out my cellulite and improve my puckered chicken skin. Unfortunately there is no quick fix and no one machine can fix all three of my concerns. However I felt safe in the hands of my practitioner that with hard work, dedication and guidance I would improve my shape just in time for my April holiday.

My treatment programme was a six-week course that I managed to fit around school runs and there was no downtime or discomfort involved, which meant every time I left the clinic I was counting down the days for my next session! About half way into my course I could already see results, which gave me the motivation I needed to continue. Claire helped me with nutritional guidance and exercise programmes I could do to assist the results. I also used the home care package, which is recommended alongside the treatments. This involved using a body brush once a day and a body cream morning and night.It's now just a few weeks until my holiday and I am so happy with my results.

Friends and family have even commented on my physical appearance but most of all the difference it has made to my confidence levels. I want to continue my healthy eating and exercise to maintain the results achieved and I have already recommended 3 friends to the clinic to start their own journey.The one thing I would say is be sure you can commit to the programme and be disciplined enough to maintain your aftercare at home in between treatments.

As Claire explained to me, she can only do so much in treatment; the last bit is down to you at home.The Six-Week Summer Cellulite Treatment package is £449 and includes;6 x Lipotripsy Cellulite shock wave therapy sessions6 x Lymphatic drainage massages6 x Cryotherpay treatments2 x Skin smoothing body peelsHome care kit;1 x Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush1 x Mesoestetic Bodyshock Local Reducer body cream1 x Diet and exercise logbook.

For more information on the Six-Week Summer Cellulite Treatment call 0113 282 3300 to speak to our experts.

Written for you by: Face the Future patient, Sarah

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