Prepare Your Skin for the Big Day

Prepare Your Skin for the Big Day

The Royal Wedding is just around the corner and we know how important it is to look and feel your best on your wedding day! If tying the knot isn't motivation enough to achieve glowing skin, then what is? It's not only the Bride to be that requires months of preparation but also the Mother of the Bride and even wedding guests! Everyone feels the pressure to look fantastic on a wedding day and we want to help our patients feel their best, whatever the occasion.

When Should I Book?

The most important thing to take into consideration is timing. Good skin can require several weeks or even months to achieve the desired result. It's not always a case of a simple skin peel. Whilst this can brighten the skin and improve skin temporarily, we recommend a series of treatments to get the absolute best results.We always recommend allowing at least 3 months of treatments. Since all our patients must attend a skin consultation prior to treatment, booking the consultation up to 6 months before the event will allow enough time to look through all your options and discuss what would work for you.

What Else Will I Need?

We always recommend our patients continue skin maintenance at home. This is a vital part of any treatment and your clinician will assess your existing routine, making relevant recommendations based on your skin concerns and aims. If you're already using some great products, your specialist may advise you to continue with what you already use.It's a good idea to bring your current cosmetics to your appointment, this way your specialist can check what you're using and discuss possible changes to your routine.

What Will It Involve?

Each skin is individual and should be treated this way. Our skincare packages are tailor made to suit your skin type, budget and lifestyle. We understand it has to be manageable for you and we want to ensure you are happy with all the options provided.Most patients will require a programme of skin treatments such as enzyme therapy and/or chemical peels. Alongside these techniques, collagen stimulation therapy may also be necessary for scarring or ageing skin.Our advanced treatments are not just limited to the face, we also have several body treatments to target cellulite and encourage skin tightening.

Bespoke Treatment Plans

Whether you're a Bride to be on a mission to achieve a flawless glow for your big day, or a Grandmother/Mother of the Bride or Groom, aiming to regain a youthful yet natural visage. In order to achieve real results and improvements with your skin, start the preparation for the big day now!Our treatment plans are always personalised to each individual, your skin type and skin goals. This way, we can help you achieve the best possible results.We are offering a bespoke treatment plan for a special offer price of only £299 per person!Each individual will receive their bespoke treatment plan, including:
  • Observ 520 Skin Diagnostic Consultation
  • 3 months worth of recommended home care products, including the scientifically proven Vitamin A (Retinol) and Vitamin C
  • A medical facial every 2-4 weeks, specific to your main skin concern
To book your FREE consultation and find out more about the packages available, call 0113 282 3300 today.

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