New to Face the Future Clinic: Endocare Cellpro

New to Face the Future Clinic: Endocare Cellpro

Endocare have been a brand that our clinic and online shop have stocked and loved for years. Recently, they have launched an intensive new range that is only available through a clinic consultation due to its high level of active ingredients. It's definitely worth the trip to visit us, as this range contains the very latest Skin Biotechnology. Sometimes it takes us a while to get into a good skin care routine, but if you haven't found what your looking for then you wouldn't go far wrong in giving this new technology at try. I don't usually like to start with the price as I think the ingredients should take centre stage, but at £59.99 each, these highly active, clinical formulas are great value.

So what do you get?

Anti-Wrinkle Gelcream 30ml: A light and creamy gel that leaves your skin feeling hydrated but dry to the touch. Perfect for morning as the great formula sits really nicely under makeup. The gel is very light but don't be fooled as it's packed with Vitamin C, E, and A, anti-oxidant protection, CAF Bio Action Technology, stem cell activators and hyaluronic acid, which all help to keep the skin hydrated, protected and diminish the appearance of line and wrinkles.Intensive Eye Contour 15ml: The intensive eye contour can be used on a morning and/or evening. Apply a small amount around the eyes and pat in gently. This light, hydrating cream is designed to target around the ageing eye area, helps with puffiness and increases circulation.Anti-Wrinkle Cream 30ml: A non-oily yet creamy and rich advanced moisturising system, this is perfect as a night cream before bed. You can also use on the neck. With similar properties and ingredients to the Gelcream, it makes this trio a great skin maintenance set. Skin will be hydrated, smoother, more vibrant and lines and wrinkles will be far less noticeable.

If you want to try the latest advancements in at-home skin rejuvenation, call Face the Future Clinic on 0113 282 3300 for more information.

Written for you by: Julie, Face the Future

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