My New Year Facial: Danne Montague-King

My New Year Facial: Danne Montague-King

From my early teens I have struggled with acne. Now in my twenties, I've managed to get my skin under some control, although my oily skin does regularly get hormonal breakouts and no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to shift the blackheads. I decided to start the New Year by overhauling my skin regime to finally banish the blemishes for good, so I booked into clinic for a Danne Montague King facial.

Having never had a DMK facial, or any other clinical facial for that matter, I was unsure what to expect, but I was talked through every step of the process and made to feel really comfortable, which made it feel less like stepping into the unknown!

What makes this facial so unique is that your skincare specialist will select products specifically for your skin type and concerns, making it a bespoke treatment for you.

For an acne treatment, it's all about thoroughly cleansing the skin and treating the issues at their source, deep within the skin. The treatment lasts for 90 minutes, with 30 minutes of that on the main part of the facial "the enzyme mask". Before the facial, I had been told by a number of people that the mask tightens, but I didn't think much of it.

Let me tell you, when they say it tightens, it really does! At first it's a strange sensation as you feel the mask pulsing on your face and neck, but it's a feeling you very quickly get used to. In fact, I actually enjoyed the experience as I could really feel it getting to work on my skin.

After the mask was removed came my favourite step "extractions". Surely it can't be just me that finds extractions strangely satisfying? My specialist used a tool to extract blackheads on my nose, chin and cheeks. As she was prodding around my face (in a good way), she explained to me that blackheads are a build up of oil and the last thing we want to do, no matter our skin type, is strip the skin of its natural oils, so she only removed the blackheads that were deep and dark.

Once the treatment was complete my skin was a little red but not sore in any way and definitely not so red that I wanted to run for cover as soon as I left the clinic.

The last step of the treatment was a product that I was to leave on overnight. This meant that I couldn't do my usual skincare routine before bed, but you couldn't see or feel the product on the skin so it was no bother.

After one treatment I have already seen a big difference in my skin and have booked my second facial already. I was also recommended a new home care routine of DMK products, which have been working brilliantly so far.

Once I have given them a fair trial, I will update you with my results.

To book in for a free consultation to discuss a DMK treatment plan that would work for you, please call 0113 282 3300.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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