Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on hair removal? Whether you choose to wax, shave, thread or epilate, removing unwanted hair is a time consuming task. Just think of the more interesting and exciting things you could be doing with that time!

At Face the Future, our CQC regulated clinic has been established for over 15 years and with not one, not two, but THREE different hair removal Class 4 Lasers, it's highly likely that we've got one that's suitable for you. Our experienced and professional clinicians are experts in laser hair removal and will guide you throughout your treatment process.We are experts in laser hair removal so thought it was about time we busted some laser hair removal myths!

Myth #1 - Laser hair removal is painful

At Face the Future, we use modern Nd YAG, Diode and Soprano Lasers, offering a completely pain-free treatment.Our professional and experienced clinicians can guide you throughout the process, explaining the process step-by-step.

Myth #2 - Laser hair removal is only for females

Wrong! Laser hair removal is available for most of our patients and we have treated male, female, young adults over 16 and transgender patients.

Myth #3 - Laser hair removal is suitable for all hair colours

Unfortunately not. For laser hair removal to be successful, the hair must have a dark pigment. This means laser hair removal won't work on blonde, light brown, red, grey or silver hair.Don't worry though! We have other options including electrolysis and alkaline wash methods. You can read more about these methods in our blog, Hair Removal: The Different Ways to De-Fuzz.

Myth #4 - Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin colours

As mentioned above, hair must be dark to be suitable for laser hair removal. This is because the laser technology targets melanin, which is also found in skin, as well as hair.Therefore, darker skins are often not suitable for laser hair removal treatment. The best option is to book in for a free consultation, to allow our expert clinicians to asses your suitability for treatment. You can also check out the other hair removal options available on the blog mentioned above!

Myth #5 - I don't need to shave before laser hair removal

False! Shaving the area before treatment is a must. Waxing, threading or epilating should NOT be used.

Myth #6 - it doesn't matter if I have a tan

Treatment will be refused if the patient has sun tanned or false tanned skin.

Myth #7 - hair will be gone after one treatment

We tend to recommend between 6 - 12 treatments for the best results, but this is down to each individual and how you respond to the laser.If you have any queries, it's best to speak to your clinician who will be able to advise you.Remember!
  1. Before treatment, our expert clinicians will check for contraindications with any medication you are taking.
  2. A patch test will be required before treatment can commence.
For more information on laser hair removal or to book a FREE consultation, call 0113 282 3300 or book online.Written for you by: Julie, Face the FutureImage source:

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