How to Treat Signs of Ageing on the Hands

How to Treat Signs of Ageing on the Hands

As we begin to age and age management becomes the main concern with our skincare regimes, we have a tendency to concentrate on the face and ignore other areas of the body. Just like our face, hands often show signs of ageing that are difficult to hide.

Sun damage, brown spots, loss of volume, degradation of collagen and elastin are just a few of the signs of ageing that can leave our hands looking old and frail before their time.A variety of treatments now exist to target some of these more visible signs of ageing, and when used in combination, can offer remarkable improvements to our hands. Read on to find out more about our in-clinic treatments

Profhilo for Plumpness

Profhilo is an innovative non-crossed linked Hyaluronic Acid that helps to restore lost volume and provides increased hydration to the skin on the hands. Profhilo has the ability to spread within the injected area, improving skin quality and increasing the production of elastin, giving treated skin a more youthful appearance.Two treatments are recommended over a 8 week period, with results lasting approximately 9 months and hands looking visibly plumped and hydrated. Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and there is minimal downtime.Profhilo costs £300 per syringe (with 2 syringes recommended over an 8 week period).

Laser Rejuvenation for Sun Damage and Age Spots

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) lasers target colour, identifying pigmented areas of the skin and shattering the pigment for a more even skin tone and texture. At Face the Future we use either the Lutronic Spectra Laser or Lynton IPL, treating and targeting sun damage, age spots and unwanted freckles.After the treatment, age spots tend to go a little darker and develop a small micro crust that will disappear 7 to 10 days later. Lasers also offer a rejuvenating affect, stimulating collagen and elastin and helping to improve the appearance of the hands.A patch test and two treatments are recommended over an 8-week period. Downtime includes small micro-crusts that gradually disappear over a number of days.Treatment costs are £25 for a patch test and £99 per treatment (with 2 treatments recommended over an 8 week period).

Peels for Skin Texture and Age Spots

An alternative to laser is a course of chemical peels. Chemical peels can have the added benefit of improving skin texture. A variety of different peels can be used, depending on the severity of the problem area and a bespoke approach is taken for each individual skin type.A course of 5 peels is recommended, one peel every 2 weeks, over a period of 10 weeks. There can be a little downtime, mainly a darkening of the age spots, dryness and possible shedding.Treatment costs are £99 per treatment (with 5 treatments recommended over an 10 week period). A medical grade hand cream is included in the treatment cost, to ensure the treated area continues to improve at home.Depending on the conditions and concerns on the hands, a single approach treatment may be possible, though often a combination approach is recommended to achieve the best results.

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Written for you by: Kate, Face the Future

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