Guest blog: Acne Treatment Diary With BiRetix & Cryotherapy

Guest blog: Acne Treatment Diary With BiRetix & Cryotherapy

My name is Molly and I am 17 years old. I have suffered with acne since the age of about 13, starting off very mild and progressively getting worse with age. Over the past year my skin has fluctuated in terms of number of spots, scarring, etc.

The start of treatment

I started using the BiRetix products at the end of October (2015), as well as having Cryotherapy treatments on a weekly basis. So far I am noticing only very tiny improvements but it is early days so I don't expect so see a huge change yet! Although, I have noticed the redness and inflammation has been reduced. Many factors can influence the appearance of my skin and the rate of improvement, including food, water, exercise, sleep and my period. I have found that on days when I drink more water, my skin will improve slightly a few days later, suggesting a delay. Also, usually a few days before I start my period, my skin will get noticeably worse. I'm hoping the home care BiRetix products and the treatment combined will improve the appearance of my skin, although I know there won't be any amazing changes within a few weeks and it may take some time.


My skin is starting to improve more noticeably now - I noticed it had got better after 8 sessions (4 weeks). I have noticed that at ovulation stage in my monthly cycle my skin has less breakouts and also fewer whilst I am on my period.I have now had 11 Cryotherapy sessions and I am definitely noticing an improvement on my forehead and chin - there is more white skin showing through and the acne does not appear as aggressive, which is definitely a good sign.I just wanted to say thank you very much to the people working at Face the Future for the Cryotherapy treatment I am getting. It's very kind of them to give me the opportunity to try out this new treatment.

Written for you by: Molly, Face the Future Client & Guest

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