Emily’s Perfect Peel Diary

Emily’s Perfect Peel Diary

You might have seen photos of my Perfect Peel experience on Facebook, but I also wanted to give you a more detailed account through extracts from my skincare diary that I updated daily throughout my experience. Here it is. Enjoy!

Day 1: My peel was applied in clinic. It was a little stingy and hot but lasted no longer than around 30 seconds…was I done? Well it sure is quick. Directly afterwards I was a lovely shade of pink but had no irritation and I agreed to follow the protocol and stay make up free. All I have to do is to not touch my face and use only my vitamin A swab (given to me after my peel) before bed. Simple!

Day 2: It’s early, I’m tired and grumpy until I look in the mirror… I look surprisingly fresh, no peeling as of yet! My skin feels tight but not uncomfortable and if I’m honest I quite like the feeling of youth!

Day 3: The peeling has begun…As predicted my face is beginning to shed. It’s not uncomfortable or painful but it certainly doesn’t look a treat! I think I will be in hiding this weekend! Chick flick, check! one large tub of Ben and Jerry’s, check! Endless supply of trashy magazines, check! Looks like I’m all set.

Day 4: My face is now well into its shedding cycle! I woke up this morning to some serious shedding action and well let’s just say it’s a good job I live alone! It would take a very understanding partner to wake up to this raisin face! All in the name of beauty I tell myself…

Day 5: I’m now a rather bright shade of fuschia. Pink never was my colour but although it looks incredibly sore, the only discomfort is the tightness. As you can imagine, however, for someone who feels like their face is falling south, this is a welcomed side effect. As for the peeling, I have less than on day 4 but still too much to apply makeup, another duvet day anyone?

Day 6: And finally the day I’ve been waiting for. No more shedding, no more peeling, no more dry, crusty flakes. I feel normal again! In fact I feel fantastic. My skin feels smooth, I can instantly see a difference in my complexion. I’m still nice and rosy so I will avoid makeup again. My post peel moisturiser is glued to my side and my best friend is my lip balm but with regular application my skin feels great.

The verdict:

Ok so it’s not all plain sailing, and it’s certainly not for everyone. You need to give yourself at least 7 days make up free downtime, and put your social life on hold for the week. Dating is certainly out of the question and any public events should be avoided. But is it worth it? Look at my before and after pictures and I’ll let you decide…

If you’d like more information or would like to book your Perfect Peel, please call the clinic on 0113 282 3300.


Unfortunately, Perfect Peel isn't available anymore. Please visit clinic website to view all available treatments here.

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