Clinic Treatments for Rosacea

clinic treatments for rosacea

The number of Rosacea sufferers in the UK is rising rapidly. With, no definitive cause, what we do know is that Rosacea sufferers are particularly sensitive to external triggers such as wind, sun and temperature changes as well as internal triggers such as food, drink and hormones. In clinic, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of female patients presenting with Rosacea symptoms, who are also Perimenopausal.

It is these internal triggers particularly, that stimulate nerve impulses to the facial area, which in turn releases little peptides. These peptides attach themselves to receptor sites on skin cells, causing a flush, blush and burning sensation. Skin feels like it's constantly on high alert.

Treating the visible signs of Rosacea is always our first priority, as the flush or blush can cause embarrassment and discomfort for patients. We also need to look at how we can improve long-term tolerance to both internal and external triggers.Approved and used by Professor Tony Chu, the leading UK expert in Rosacea, the protocols we utilise in clinic incorporate two distinct product lines. Synchrorose, targets the visible symptoms of Rosacea, calming skin and helping to strengthen the skins resistance to triggers.

Tebiskin Triple Lock helps to establish a long-term tolerance to these internal and external triggers.

Mandelic Acid Peels are often incorporated into a Rosacea protocol to help damaged and dilated blood vessels function better. The peels can also reduce the level of leakage of blood serum, which contains inflammatory agents. Often a course of 4 to 6 peels is recommended to boost Rosacea control.

Results are very positive, with a significant improvement in overall redness and visible blood vessels as well as an improved tolerance to external triggers. This leads to a much calmer complexion and less visible redness, this can greatly improve a patient's skin and confidence.

Back in April we wrote all about Rosacea for Rosacea Awareness Month, you can read that blog here.

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