As Recommended by Kate: Summer Treatment Offer

As Recommended by Kate: Summer Treatment Offer

As Face the Future's Nurse Independent Prescriber, I'm often asked about my favourite treatments in clinic and which treatments give the best results. It's always a difficult question to answer and it's not one single treatment, but in reality, a combination of advanced treatments that work together and compliment each other to achieve the best results.

My current favourite treatment, particularly for patients seeking skin tightening and lift, a reduction in lines and wrinkles, plus incredible hydration, is a combination of Endymed Intensif and Profhilo. This combo really is a winner!

Endymed Pro / Endymed Intensif

The Endymed Pro is always popular and offers great satisfaction in terms of lift and tightening. However, I've been incredibly impressed by our new Endymed Intensif. The Intensif is a fairly new addition to the Endymed family of products, though has been gaining a somewhat cult like status in the USA, as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are naming it as there 'go to' skin rejuvenation treatment.

The Intensif significantly reduces lines and wrinkles and can offer a much smoother, refined skin surface, tightening the skin and reducing pore size. It can also help with deeper dermal skin problems such as scars, by triggering the skin's own natural healing ability. It is minimally invasive, reasonably comfortable with very little downtime.


Profhilo has a different mechanism of action to the Intensif and is an injectable. However, is not a mesotherapy product nor dermal filler. It is a stabilised Hyaluronic Acid but without any of the cross linking chemicals found in other products. This lack of chemicals is very appealing and makes it less of a risk from both a safety perspective and a cosmetically undesirable appearance (which is unfortunately becoming all too common with Dermal Fillers).

Patients experience an improvement in lines and wrinkles and the tightness of skin and at around 8 weeks post treatment there is a lifting effect. Skin looks healthy, hydrated and more youthful. Again, this is a minimally invasive procedure, with very little downtime, if any.The benefits of combining Intensif and Profhilo together are extremely pleasing for the patients. Skin remodelling is tackled from both a dermal and epidermal perspective, giving the best possible improvements. Skin looks radiant!

What to expect?

Visible results include a reduction in the depth of lines and wrinkles, a renewed tightening and firmness of skin with a healthy glowing hydration. Patients are more than delighted with this combination of treatments and the fantastic results achieved. With fantastic results and minimal downtime, I really believe this is a winning combination for rejuvenated skin.

Summer Treatment Offer

We are offering you two Profhilo treatments and two Endymed Intensif treatments for £1,000 “ saving £200!Don't miss this incredible offer on these treatments throughout the Summer* helping you to achieve rejuvenated skin!

*Offer valid throughout May, June and July

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