Acne Series: Danne Montague-King

Acne Series: Danne Montague-King

Danne Montague-King is an established Doctor of Biochemistry and a world-renowned leader in the field of skin rejuvenation and creator the of the innovative: Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain system, which has revolutionised the way we treat skin concerns such as acne.

At Face the Future, we have been treating acne patients with DMK Enzyme Therapy for almost 15 years, achieving incredible and often life changing results. See some incredible DMK and Face the Future results below DMK Enzyme Treatments are based on the principle that cells of the skin respond positively to chemistry that skin recognises, i.e. the chemistry it manufactures on its own. DMK are the pioneers in the use of transfer-messenger enzymes. When correctly formulated, enzymes can remove dead proteins and toxins from the epidermis using a process called 'reverse osmosis', which leads to a 'plasmatic effect' where freshly oxygenated blood rushes to capillaries.

How DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments work

The in-clinic Enzyme Treatments follows a 4-phase system that duplicates our own skin chemistry:
  • Remove “ The treatment starts by first removing the build up of dead skin cells with a cleansing ritual, followed by a deeper exfoliation to brighten and lift off dead cells and proteins that can cause a dull complexion.
  • Rebuild “ After removing dead skin cells, our focus is on rebuilding the structures of skin to allow cells to function optimally. We do this by applying a hydration mist, a custom selection of serums are applied to suit the patients skin, which all contain Vitamin C and Beta-Glucan to calm inflamed skin, brighten and protect against free radicals.
  • Protect “ We then follow with a barrier cream and sun protection to protect against all UV and artificial lighting. As we know, skin should be protected every day with a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or more and we have a wide range of SPF options to suit everybody's needs at Face the Future.
  • Maintain “ This is where we work to maintain the results achieved with DMK homecare prescriptive products and a continued course of treatments.
Want to see the treatment in action? Head to our Instagram to see how the DMK Enzyme treatment works!

Who is the treatment is for?

As with all treatments at Face the Future, a consultation must be completed before any treatments are carried out. This allows our expert clinicians to assess your skin concerns and make the best possible treatment recommendations for your skin with the aim of achieving the best possible results.DMK treatments can be tailored to help resolve a number of different skin complaints, but they are particularly effective in treating skin concerns that would benefit from resurfacing techniques such as
  • Acne “ we use a selection of products that help to kill bacteria, reduce excess sebum, remove dead skin and extract any active papules (spots).
  • Pigmentation “ we use a selection of products to break down and fade the pigmentated areas of the skin.
  • Ageing “ an enzyme masque is used to lift and tighten the facial muscles, offering an immediate tightening effect. This masque provides the previously mentioned plasmatic effect that is included in all our DMK treatments.
  • Scarring “ an alkaline is used to dissolve any raised scarring marks on the skin, in particular post-acne scarring.

Does the treatment have any downtime?

No, although some patients may experience a slight pink/red complexion after treatment, this will subside within 24 hours. As part of your free consultation prior to treatment, your clinician will recommend a selection of DMK home prescriptive products to treat acne and to help you achieve the best possible results and maintain results post-treatment, check out the Acu-System. The clinicians will also recommend lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, increased water intake and exercise in order to flush out any toxins.

How many treatments will I need?

We offer a variety of acne treatments at Face the Future because each individual's skin is different, that's why we offer free skin consultations to ensure DMK is the right treatment option for you.If after your consultation, DMK is the most appropriate treatment, we usually recommend a course of 12-16 treatments, depending on the type of acne and severity of the skin condition.

DMK Enzyme Treatments start from £99 per treatment.

For more information, or to book a FREE consultation, call 0113 282 7744, email or book online.

Written for you by: Jess, Face the Future

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