Introducing... The Medik8 Limited Edition Gift Sets

Introducing... The Medik8 Limited Edition Gift Sets

Here at Face the Future HQ, we couldn't be more excited to be welcoming these new editions. Three perfectly selected kits that combine the very best skincare technology.

Best For... Dark Circles/Fine Lines Around the Eyes

Luxury Limited Edition Ultimate Eye Kit

The eyes are often the first thing we notice on the opposite sex. They are the most prominent feature on a persons face but unfortunately they are one of the first areas to age. The skin around the upper eyelid loses elastin causing it to fold and the thin skin below the eye starts to crease, showing fine lines and wrinkles. This is added to by dark circles often caused through dehydration and an upset of hormones causing a lack of sleep. It's no surprise that the eye area is the most common concern for over half of patients in the UK.


Hydr8 Night Eye “ This vitamin rich eye cream hydrates, plumps and firms for a younger looking eye area.

Eyelift “ A peptide rich formula that visibly reduces signs of ageing in the delicate eye area.

Eye Cleanse “ This powerful yet gentle make up remover takes away even waterproof mascara without irritating the skin.

Full Lash and Brow Duo “ This powerful serum enhances brows and maximizes lashes for fuller, healthier hairs.

Best For... Mature Dehydrated Skins (40-50+)

Luxury Limited Edition Night Kit

A mature skin often shows signs of dehydration, loss of volume and an increase in fine lines. The most important skincare essential for an ageing skin is Vitamin A. This helps to normalise skin function, encouraging natural cell turnover to stimulate and strengthen the skin's core. At night is when our skin repairs itself and recovers from any oxidant stress triggered throughout the day. The Limited Edition Night Kit uses a combination of Retinol 1 TR Vitamin A Cream with a nourishing Glow Oil and Hydr8 Night moisturiser to encourage your skin's smooth functioning, leaving you to get a good nights sleep.


Retinol 1 TR Cream “ Formulated with a 0.1% concentration of retinol, this luxurious anti-ageing night cream is ideal for first time retinol users.

Glow Oil “ This lightweight, antioxidant facial oil deeply hydrates, restores elasticity and promotes a radiant complexion.

Hydr8 Night “ Fast-absorbing restorative night-time moisturiser to provide ultimate hydration for tired or environmentally compromised skin.

Best For... Everyone (Suitable for all Skin Types)

Luxury Limited Edition Ultimate Radiance Kit

A combination skin type is very common. Often the skin presents as having an oily t-zone and mild congestion around the lower half of the face. Towards the upper half of the face, around the eyes and forehead, the skin can be dry and dehydrated enhancing the appearance of fine lines. This can make it a little more difficult to treat. Medik8 Ultimate Radiance Kit combines powerful antioxidants in C-Tetra with the hydrating formula of Glow Oil and Hydr8 Day to balance out the skin.


Gentle Cleanse “ The mild, fragrance-free and pH balanced formula effectively removes make-up and the everyday build-up on the skin due to impurities, pollution and perspiration. All this without stripping the skin's natural, essential moisture and leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

C-Tetra Day Cream “ This antioxidant-packed day cream hydrates, plumps and energises the skin.

Glow Oil “ This lightweight, antioxidant facial oil deeply hydrates, restores elasticity and promotes a radiant complexion.

Hydr8 Day 360 “ An anti-ageing moisturizer that provides cellular protection and hydration, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the visible signs of ageing.

So no matter your skin type, there's a luxury limited edition kit for you. Each kit is fantastic value for money and comes complete in a gorgeous cosmetic bag.

Once they're gone, they're gone, so order yours today before it's too late!

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future