How To Hydrate Your Skin From Within With Kathryn Danzey, Founder Of Rejuvenated

How To Hydrate Your Skin From Within With Kathryn Danzey, Founder Of Rejuvenated

What you put inside your body is just as important as what you do to the outside. Being experts in skincare, we know how important it is in keeping your complexion looking healthy and radiant. But, your diet, exercise, and wellbeing routine has just as much of an impact on your skin and can be hugely effective in keeping it clear, nourished, and hydrated. If your diet is poor and lacking in skin-loving vitamins and nutrients, it will show on your skin and this can leave it looking dull, lifeless, and prone to acne and blemishes.

We interviewed Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated for her expert advice on how to hydrate your skin from within. From what to eat, to getting plenty of rest, and ensuring that you're drinking enough water. These are her top tips for keeping your skin feeling hydrated and glowing, for your best complexion yet.

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What is the moisture barrier?

The skin’s natural moisture barrier determines how hydrated our skin appears. It’s made up of fatty acids, cholesterol, amino acid, and ceramides. This barrier is responsible for locking in moisture and keeping our skin healthy. If it’s broken down, it cracks to reveal the sensitive layers of skin beneath. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that your moisture barrier is permanently damaged. Certain lifestyle changes can quickly make a difference in as little as 24 hours. 

Tips for super hydrated skin

Get plenty of rest 

Go to bed early to ensure that you get at least 7.5 hours sleep and if you can sleep for 8 to 9 hours our cells renew during the night. A study in 2014 showed that in just 3 days people who had good quality sleep had an increased moisture barrier recovery of 30 percent compared to poor sleepers. 

A woman sleeping

Step up your water intake 

Start by drinking plenty of water. Skin is made up of 30% water. Switch alternate cups of coffee or tea with water and keep a glass handy to top up at all times. It will quench your thirst much more effectively too. 

Limit alcohol as not only is it a diuretic that forces water out of our body, it makes it harder to hydrate afterwards and leaves your skin dry and flaky.  

A glass of water

What to eat 

Increase the amount of healthy fats in your diet. Fish is the best source. Tuna, salmon and sardines all contain high amounts of essential fatty acids to boost the skin’s natural moisture factor.  

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, no problem! Add nuts and seeds such as flax, pumpkin, walnuts, almonds and macadamias. Another essential fatty acid is Vitamin E, which is also found in seeds and nuts. 

The mineral zinc boosts collagen in the skin and helps to speed up the repair process. Increase zinc levels by introducing shellfish, beans, whole grains, nuts, and meats into your diet. 

Nuts and seeds

Supplement from within 

Taking a daily collagen supplement supports moisture levels as it contains amino acid proteins to boost the natural moisture barrier. Collagen Shots has 10,000mg of collagen per serving for optimum results. 

Rejuvenated Collagen Shots

Boost hydration at a cellular level by adding ionic electrolytes to your water. These help to transfer water through the gut wall, into the blood stream and onto cells throughout the body. H3O Hydration contains ionic electrolytes and super antioxidant resveratrol to hydrate skin throughout the day. H3O Night Repair is a capsule containing ionic electrolytes, minerals, and potent antioxidants. Just one capsule taken at night helps to restore moisture levels, promotes a more peaceful night’s sleep, and fights free radicals. 

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