Discover Sun Bum: Environmentally Conscious And Vegan Sunscreen For The Whole Family

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Introducing Sun Bum, AKA Trust The Bum Sunscreen!  Created by surf enthusiasts, Sunbum’s range of cruelty-free and vegan sunscreen was created to protect their friends and family from the sun. Driven by their ethos ‘work less, live more’ Sun Bum focus on a healthy work-life balance, breaking up their working day with ping-pong and surfing the waves at their beachside offices in California and Florida.

Using their own products daily at the beach, Sun Bum really put their sunscreen through its paces, testing it to the extreme in the surf and high temperatures to make sure it works effectively, preventing sunburn and keeping your skin safe, nourished and deliciously smelling.

Vegan And Cruelty-Free Sunscreen

Caring deeply about their friends, family, the planet, and everything living on it, Sun Bum ensure that all their products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, Hawaii Reef Compliant, paraben and sulfate-free, guaranteeing to keep your skin safe while minimising their impact on your skin and the environment.

Sun Bum Original SPF30 Lotion

Trust The Bum

Whether you’re looking to protect yourself or your children, or whether you want to nourish your skin after a long day in the sun and enhance your tan, Sun Bum’s range of products has you covered, guaranteeing that you can Trust The Bum whatever you choose. From face sticks and browning oils to cooling sprays and high-factor lotions, there’s something for everyone.

Protect The Groms® Nonprofit

Shocked by the discovery that most schools in the US don’t allow sunscreen, Sun Bum started their own non-profit organisation, Protect The Groms®, partnering with the public and elementary schools to keep children’s skin safe.

Adulthood skin cancer is often a result of the burns we get as children, so protecting children’s skin when they’re young is crucially important in the prevention of future skin cancer.

Hoping to raise awareness of skin cancer and minimise the number of skin cancer cases, Sun Bum’s non-profit organisation provides playground shade structures, education on sun safety and sunscreen stations for children who live and play in the sun, keeping their delicate skin safe for a brighter future.

Hawaii Act 104 Reef Compliant

Did you know that in order to keep their reefs safe, beautiful and thriving, Hawaii prohibited the sale of non-prescription sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate? With this in mind, Sun Bum omits these harmful ingredients from its planet-friendly formulas, meeting the requirements for Hawaii’s reef complaint regulations.

Ensuring they use the most effective, skin-friendly ingredients, Sun Bum create both mineral and non-mineral formulas to keep your skin safe.

Mineral sunscreens utilise physical active ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that create a sunscreen barrier on your skin, blocking UV rays by reflecting them away from your skin. They’re a great option for reactive and sensitive skin.

Non-Mineral sunscreens use chemicals to absorb the sun’s rays, converting them to heat, before reflecting them into the atmosphere. Whether you opt for mineral or non-mineral you know your skin is protected.  

Sun Bum SPF Range

Five Of Our Favourite Sun Bum Sunscreens

Featuring everything you need to protect yourself from the sun year-round, Sun Bum have a vast range of products. We’ve rounded up five of our essentials, choosing the best sunscreen for face, body, children and aftercare and showcasing the benefits of Sun Bum and their deliciously smelling sun care products.

Sun Bum Original SPF30 Lotion

High-protecting and nourishing, this vitamin E-enriched moisturising sunscreen is the one that started it all for Sun Bum. Summer-scented, this antioxidant sunscreen keeps your skin safe, soft and supple, whether you’re relaxing at the beach, picnicking in the park or simply out and about on sunny days.

Sun Bum Original SPF30 Face Stick

Featuring Sun Bum’s original high-protecting formula, this handy face stick is perfect for on-the-go protection, slotting in your bag or pocket for quick tan top-ups and hands-free re-application when your children are wriggly and your hands are sandy.

Perfect for children, this broad-spectrum face stick glides on easily, leaving your skin protected from UV rays and smelling delicious.

Sun Bum SPF30 Face Stick

Sun Bum Original SPF50 Spray

Delivering broad-spectrum protection, this vitamin E-enriched SPF spray nourishes your skin while keeping it protected from UVA and UVB rays. Ultra dry and non-greasy, this formula uses natural compression over traditional aerosol methods, minimising chemicals to reduce skin reactions and lower the number of gases in the environment, keeping the planet safe.

Sun Bum Cool Down After Sun Spray

Looking to replenish your skin after a long day frolicking in the sun? This cooling and nourishing after-sun spray leaves skin soft smooth and revitalised with its aloe-enriched formula. Perfect for soothing sunburn and hydrating dry skin, the vitamin E-infused formula restores your skin's moisture balance, cooling your skin to leave you comfortable and refreshed.

Utilising natural compression instead of aerosol, this cooling after sun omits harsh chemicals, minimising skin reactions and reducing your carbon footprint.

Sun Bum SPF

Sun Bum SPF15 Browning Oil

Creating a healthy, golden tan, this Sun Bum Browning Oil keeps your skin protected from UV rays while nourishing your skin. Infused with aloe vera and argan and coconut oils, this SPF oil hydrates your skin, leaving it silky smooth, protected and radiant after a day in the sun.  

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Sun Bum Original SPF30 Lotion 237mlSun Bum Original SPF30 Lotion 237ml
Sun Bum Original SPF30 Lotion 237ml

£16.79 £20.99 20% offsaving
Sun Bum Original SPF30 Face Stick 13gSun Bum Original SPF30 Face Stick 13g
Sun Bum Original SPF30 Face Stick 13g

£11.19 £13.99 20% offsaving
Sun Bum Original SPF50 Spray 200mlSun Bum Original SPF50 Spray 200ml
Sun Bum Original SPF50 Spray 200ml

£16.79 £20.99 20% offsaving
Sun Bum Cool Down After Sun Spray 200mlSun Bum Cool Down After Sun Spray 200ml
Sun Bum Cool Down After Sun Spray 200ml

£14.39 £17.99 20% offsaving
Sun Bum SPF15 Browning Oil 250mlSun Bum SPF15 Browning Oil 250ml
Sun Bum SPF15 Browning Oil 250ml

£17.59 £21.99 20% offsaving

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