Why You Need Supplements To Support Self-Care

supplements for self care

We often think of self-care as being a pamper evening to treat yourself to a face mask and early night. While using great skincare is a corner stone for beautiful skin, skincare supplements work at cellular level to help to renew your skin and health from within...

Supplement collagen levels for youthful skin

Collagen is a buzz word in the industry, and is well known as a key building block for youthful radiant skin. Collagen is also essential in the development of bones, ligaments, muscles, hair and even our digestive system. Sadly, the levels of collagen in our body start to diminish in our 20’s and women can lose up to 30% of collagen production in the first 5 years of menopause.

Taking a collagen supplement can replenish collagen to more youthful levels to give your skin a bloom and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated contains a whopping 10,000mg per serving of hydrolysed marine collagen along with a host of skin loving nutrients to give your skin a glow, nourish hair and nails and support healthy bones.

rejuvenated collagen shots

Beat dehydrated skin

A healthy skin shows a blooming natural moisture factor (NMF). The natural moisture factor maintains adequate skin hydration to ensure suppleness and supports the skin barrier and also contains enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells. If the NMF becomes damaged it can lead to such inflammatory conditions as eczema and dermatitis.

Low levels of calcium and potassium can have an impact on the NMF. Adding an electrolyte drink to your regime will deliver potassium and calcium to your skin. These minerals are crucial in the transfer of nutrients and water across cell walls. H3O Hydration packs a powerful hydrating punch to your skin as it contains electrolytes and also skin-loving resveratrol, a potent antioxidant credited with keeping the years at bay.

rejuvenated h30 hydration

Fight free radicals and pollutants

Antioxidants can help to defend from free radicals and pollutants. They can be found in fruits and vegetables and having a varied diet can help to get some of these valuable nutrients, however it’s hard to get the complete range of nutrients in our daily diet.

H3O Night Repair from Rejuvenated contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen your skin while you sleep. It combines key minerals that help your body to switch off for a more restful sleep.

rejuvenated h3o repair

Calm skin irritations and redness

This is the time of year that skin irritations and inflammation can occur. Eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea may flare up and understanding what causes your triggers can help you to manage symptoms. Avoid harsh cleansers and moisturisers with fragrances, additives, and preservatives. Also, harsh chemicals in some detergents and washing powders can cause irritation. Skin Perfecting Complex is a vegan formulation designed to boost collagen levels and calm aggravated skin. A soothing blend of botanical ingredients work to reduce redness, rosacea and acne. It also helps to alleviate monthly hormonal skin conditions.

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This article was written by Kathryn Danzey, founder of Rejuvenated, an award-winning collagen supplement brand on a mission to create natural products that help you glow from the inside out. 

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