The Benefits Of Beauty Sleep: Snooze Your Way To Healthier Skin

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Everyone loves a good night's sleep or afternoon nap, but did you know that resting and catching up on your beauty sleep is one of the simplest ways to improve the condition of your skin? We’ve all emerged from bed tired and bleary-eyed with dark circles, pale skin, and breakouts after one too many late nights - it’s the body's way of warning that you’ve been partying too hard. So, if you’re looking to sleep your way to better skin, embrace the joy of an early night, and curl up in bed instead of staying up to watch another episode of your favourite TV series to wake up glowing and rejuvenated.

Waking up glowing and rejuvenated is one of the benefits of beauty sleep but did you know that while you’re snoozing, your body is doing amazing things behind the scenes, working alongside your evening skincare routine to boost your complexion?

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If you're looking to improve skin with sleep, you're in the right place! We’ve compiled a list of three benefits of beauty sleep, including tips on how to get better sleep. So, sit back, relax, and delve into the wonderful world of slumber.

3 Ways Sleep Improves Your Skin

Gone are the days of craving late nights, these days it’s all about treating yourself to an early night. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than snuggling into freshly washed bedding with a cuppa, your favourite book, and a gorgeously scented candle, feeling utterly relaxed ahead of a restful night’s sleep.  

Sleeping Boosts Circulation And Skin Cell Regeneration

While you’re sleeping the blood flow to your skin increases, promoting the rebuild of collagen, an essential repair process that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevents sagging. Getting a solid seven to nine hours of sleep is a surefire way to wake up feeling refreshed, so perfecting your pre-bedtime routine is essential to help you unwind and destress before starfishing in bed.

Another great way to boost your collagen production is by taking a daily collagen supplement. Rejuvenated collagen drinks promote firmer-looking skin, leaving your skin feeling plump and youthful. The great thing about choosing collagen drinks over collagen tablets is that they have a higher digestion and absorption rate to boost your radiance and slow down the signs of ageing. 

Set the mood for a relaxing evening with a long soak in a bubble-filled bath. This Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Foaming Bath is infused with wild rosehip seed oil, olive leaf extract, and a relaxing concoction of ylang-ylang, clary sage, and patchouli oils to nourish your skin, relax and calm your senses, ready to climb into bed and unwind.

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Plenty Of Sleep De-Puffs Your Eyes

Sick of dark circles and puffy eyes? Getting the recommended amount of beauty sleep in each night can make you appear much more well-rested, leaving your eyes rejuvenated, bright, and youthful.

Help yourself drift off each night with Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist. Spritz this naturally fragranced mist directly onto bed linens to create a calm and serene bedroom that’s sure to aid an amazing night’s sleep.

Suffering from puffy eyes? Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Brightening Eye Cream is perfect for when you haven't had a great night's sleep, the active ingredients and light diffusers instantly brighten your under eye area, to leave your skin smooth, firm, and radiant. 

Beauty Sleep De-stresses You, Meaning Fewer Breakouts

Falling into the trap of feeling stressed, being unable to sleep, and waking up to skin breakouts? Break the cycle by heading to bed early. Seven to nine hours of sleep also works wonders for reducing your stress hormones, and minimising breakouts to make you feel happier, full of energy, and brimming with self-esteem.

Rebalance your skin while you sleep with Korres Greek Yoghurt Probiotic Quench Sleeping Facial. Nourishing, soothing, and hydrating, this facial in a jar replenishes your skin, guaranteeing that you’ll wake up well-rested and glowing.

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