Spring Forward Your Skincare

Spring Forward Your Skincare

I love the change in season, mostly because it means I get to switch up my skin routine! Transitional skincare can get a little tricky when you rely heavily on your daily routine. Our skin reacts to changes in the season from temperature, humidity, UV exposure and wind. However a few little hacks can ease your skin into spring without any disruption

Boost up the SPF factor

One of the biggest changes from winter to spring is the level of UV radiation. Use a sun cream with factor 50 during spring/summer to give added protection and keep the age spots at bay. Lots of cosmetics have some level of SPF added but this should only be used as a top up to a sunscreen base. We recommend: Obagi Sun Shield SPF 50 You say: “I love using this product as the high protection offers me the peace of mind that I am protecting my skin from UVA and UVB rays and as I'm using strong treatments, I know I'm doing my best to protect my skin.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 12.03.24Go Pro

There's one thing I hear a lot from my clients: “I wouldn't like to know what my skin would look if I hadn't found you. Sometimes it's not an instant change that we see but a prevention of changes that shows the power of our products. Preventing and controlling our genetic ageing at a cellular level will stimulate DNA repair. We recommend: Elizabeth Arden Pro Cellular Recovery Serum You said: “I have been using this serum on a morning for about 4 weeks now. My skin has always been pretty good and I think I'm blessed with good genes but I insure my house in the hope it won't burn down, this is like the insurance for my skin. I strongly believe the saying 'prevention is easier than the cure'.

Lighten up

Swap your winter heavy foundation for a tinted moisturiser. Using a light coverage foundation in the warmer months gives your skin the much-needed break from heavyset cosmetics. Thick foundations clog up the pores and can lead to the onset of cosmetic acne. We recommend: Oxygenetix Foundation You say: “I have been using a heavier foundation over winter but wanted to look at something that offered the coverage of a heavy foundation but a lighter feel on my skin. This covers my pigmentation really well and I don't feel like I've got anything on my skin, I love it.

Don't neglect your body

Baring the flesh at this time of year can be a little daunting after months in hibernation. Skin on the legs, arms and feet often becomes dry, chapped and flaky in the winter. Using a deep nourishing body oil and applying with a daily massage will soften the skin, encourage drainage and even help with cellulite. We recommend: Silderm Body Oil You say: “This oil soaks in quickly. I was advised to use it after the shower rubbing it onto my skin in circular motions. It leaves my skin really soft and smooth.

http://www.facethefuture.co.uk/shop/is-treat/is-clinical-neckperfect-complex.htmlTry something new

Why? Because its spring and we don't need any other excuse to treat our skins to the long anticipated release of a new product! We recommend: iS Clinical NeckPerfect Complex You say: “I take such good care of my face but now my neck is starting to look saggy and my fear of jowls is kicking in. I love iS Clinical products so when I saw this on the website I couldn't resist. I've already bought one for my sister and mother-in-law too.

And of course stay hydrated

How do we hydrate the skin? DRINK MORE WATER. The average adult should consume between 2.5L and 3L of water a day. It increases energy levels, aids sleep, reduces inflammation and increases metabolism. At fear of sounding like a broken record, we will stop there.

For any advice on switching up your skincare regime, call our free advice line on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Emily, Face the Future

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