How To Keep Cool During Summer

How To Keep Cool During Summer

We all know how unpredictable and changeable the UK weather can be, so while the sun is shining and the so-called Saharan plume is keeping the weather warm, let's look at the ways you can keep cool this summer. We better be quick, before the weather changes!

If the spontaneous arrival of summer has taken you by surprise and you've had to deal with sleepless nights and a subsequent clammy complexion, read on for our top tips for keeping cool during the heatwave.

Keep hydrated

It may seem obvious, but the first step is keeping hydrated. That means plenty of water, juices, fruit or herbal teas. Make a conscious effort to stay hydrated throughout the day, regularly topping up your choice of drink.

Although drinking plenty of water is important, the key to healthy skin is the hydration you keep. Drinking water is likely to just go through your system without altering your hydration levels.

However, water that you EAT makes its way through your system, helping to replenish cellular water content, maintain optimum cellular function and also deliver antioxidants, minerals, fibre and anti-inflammatory agents found within fruit and vegetables.

How to 'eat' your water:

  • Cucumber - 97% water content
  • Celery - 95% water content
  • Strawberries - 92% water content
  • Watermelon - 92% water content
  • Raspberries - 92% water content
  • Spinach - 92% water content
  • Red cabbage - 92% water content
  • Grapefruit - 91% water content
  • Cantaloupe melon - 90% water content
  • Carrot - 87% water content

Dress for the (changeable) weather

Everybody sweats - it's natural! But when the thermometer creeps up towards the mid-twenties, the last thing you want is to feel sticky and uncomfortable all day.

Synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester offer very little breathability, causing perspiration to get trapped and making you feel even hotter on a summers day.

Opt for light cotton or linen layers, which are far more breathable than synthetic fibres.

Even if the unpredictable British weather is against you, your layers of lightweight cotton clothing mean you can take off or slip on a layer if the weather can't make its mind up!

Seek shade

Avoid sitting in direct sunshine, which aside from the obvious harmful UV exposure, will also cause your body temperature to spike.

Seek shade under a parasol or umbrella, wear a large hat or cap and of course the obligatory oversized shadesvery Audrey Hepburn!

Keeping cool & sun safe on holiday

I think we can all agree it's much easier to stay cool when you are in a swimsuit, by the pool or on a beach! So jumping in and out of the pool/sea/outdoor showers can be the perfect way to cool down. But it can be tempting to sit in the sun while you dry out, leaving your skin at risk of sun damage from unprotected UV exposure.

Instead of putting your skin at risk by leaving it unprotected, opt for a sunscreen such as Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Antiaging Body Sun Mist SPF 30, which can be applied to wet and sweaty skin without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Don't forget! Beware of the killer sea breeze if you are on the beach. The cooling sea breeze can reduce your body temperature to leave you feeling cool, but the sun is still going to be causing damage. Make sure you keep reapplying your SPF at least every 2 hours to avoid getting burnt.

Keeping cool in the office

It can be pretty disheartening if you are stuck in the office during a heatwave, especially if you don't have air conditioning to keep you cool.

An oscillating fan that rotates 180-360° can easily sit on your desk to blow cold air and keep you cool - just make sure you anchor down any important papers! You can even get mini desk fans that plug into the USB port of your laptop or PC!

Keeping cool at home

Is there anything worse than trying to get to sleep when it's too hot? Switch up your bed sheets for cotton alternatives, offering improved breathability whilst you sleep.

You can also try a silk pillowcase from Silkskin, which stays cool throughout the night - the added bonus is it prevents creases from forming and stops hair from becoming dry, frizzy and brittle.

Don't forget to re-set the central heating too! Save money and stay cool.

Skincare to keep you cool

There's nothing more refreshing than a cold, hydrating facial spritz to cool you down on a hot day. Try popping one of these in the fridge for a nice refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist - The hydrating facial mist contains Hungary's mineral-rich thermal waters, which are packed with skin loving elements to hydrate, purify and tone. The mist was inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water “ the world's first recorded perfume “ which was formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary, in the 14th century.

Skyn ICELAND Glacial Spray Lotion - Suitable for all skin types, this powerful and protective moisturising spray guarantees that each supercharged spritz will tone and help repair, leaving skin softer and more supple. As well as protecting harmful daily pollutants that can lead to accelerated ageing.

iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist 75ml - This facial spritz from iS Clinical contains a blend of skin loving, hydrating and soothing ingredients that transform dry, dehydrated skin. The blend of botanical ingredients instantly soothe and hydrate the skin, as well as offering powerful antioxidant protection from harmful free radicals.

Pestle and Mortar Balance Spritz - This multi-tasking facial mist protects against the effects of skin pollution, delivers hydration and balances sebum production in a relaxing, fine mist. The hardworking ingredients boost hydration, improve skin health, balance sebum production and reduce skin pollution.


Heatwave = sun, so SPF is your best friend.Remember to regularly top up your sun protection with a minimum SPF 30 and make sure you choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects skin against both UVA and UVB exposure. Make sure younger members of the family are protected with a very high factor sunscreen.

Hopefully these tips help to keep you cool all summerlet's just see how long it lasts!Not sure where to start when it comes to skincare? Book a FREE consultation with our expert clinicians who can assess the products you use and make recommendations as well as advising on any suitable treatments. Call 0113 282 3300 or book online!

Written for you by: Julie, Face the Future

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