Acne Awareness Month: Top Tips From The Experts

Acne Awareness Month: Top Tips From The Experts

Acne symptoms can vary from person to person, that's why at Face the Future, we always ensure our patients receive a thorough face-to-face consultation prior to any treatment. We also allow patients time to consider their treatment options after the recommendations are made and before deciding to go ahead.

We understand that acne can seriously affect mental health and confidence, which is why seeking professional advise is often a last resort, with patients feeling isolated and embarrassed, not wanting to attend a consultation without wearing makeup, for example.

The cause of acne can be down to a number of factors and whilst diet, lifestyle, medication and cosmetics all play their role, the main factor is down to hormones and/or stress.

Acne is a very common skin condition that affects most people at some point in their lifetime; in fact we have seen a substantial increase in adult acne cases at our clinic over the last decade.

At Face the Future, we are experts in treating all aspects and forms of acne. However, if you aren't in a position to visit clinic, here's our advice for controlling acne at home.

Hands off!

We are generally against picking or squeezing any types of acne as a lot of the time, you can end up damaging the skin, causing infection, inflammation and scarring by pushing it further into the skin. Professional extractions - when done in the right way - can be beneficial to some forms of acne, but this must be carefully assessed on a case-by-case basis.

No DIY home remedies

We've heard of patients try home remedies such as coconut oil, honey, yogurt and even turmeric before they come to clinic. Although these DIY masks may be fun to try and they might even taste delicious, they are no comparison to the results that can be achieved with clinically proven, cosmeceutical skincare.

Great homecare products such as Danne Montague King can help normalise cellular turnover, help control oil production and minimise bacterial involvement.

Jan Marini Skin Zyme Papaya Mask is a great mask for blemish-prone skin as it helps to digest dead skin cells without harming sensitive or irritated skin. It's a great face mask to supplement any other exfoliating products or treatments you might use, thanks to its use of proteolytic enzymes that selectively breakdown dead and damaged skin cells for smoother, more refined skin.

Understand your acne

Blackheads (open comedones)Blackheads (open comedones) appear when excess oil from our sebaceous glands mixes with dead skin cells, which then gets trapped in our pores. When this combination is exposed to air, it oxidises and turns black, hence the name. It's strongly advised to not squeeze blackheads, as you're likely to cause more damage. For manual extraction seek the skills of an advanced facialist.

Whiteheads (closed comedones)

The same as a blackhead, except it hasn't been exposed to air yet and therefore hasn't oxidized. The result is a white appearance instead of a black one. Whiteheads (closed comedones) are harder to deal with than blackheads as they have a much smaller opening and for that reason whiteheads should be extracted by a professional, otherwise you risk creating permanent damage to your skin.


Pustules indicate the involvement of bacteria and our white blood cells are activated to help fight any potential infection. Of course, the tendency is to then pick or squeeze to remove the unattractive white pimple, but this risks spreading any potential infection.


Cysts are generally painful, hard lumps, surrounded by redness as an inflammatory response. They involve significant bacterial involvement and can lead to scarring, if not carefully managed. Always seek help from a skin specialist to deal with these unwelcome guests.

Take care of skin from the inside

Eating a rainbow of colours is fantastic for skin. A low-carbohydrate, low sugar diet that has plenty of brightly coloured vegetables and fruit can help keep inflammation at bay, keeping skin healthy and glowing.

Take a good quality naturally sourced Omega 3 to help reduce inflammation. We love Bare Biology Lion Heart Omega 3 Capsules, as they are suitable for pescetarians and sourced from wild sardine, anchovy and mackerel - never from farmed fish. Also, the gelatin capsules are made from fish, never from pork or beef.

Top tips for a managing big breakout

Cut the sugar. Drink plenty of water. Use skincare products that do treat but don't aggravate the situation.

DMK Deep Pore Facial Cleanser is a natural, non-alkaline cleanser that flushes embedded impurities from the epidermis layer of the skin. Formulated with a natural astringent and antiseptic, it helps to keep pores tight, supple and healthy.

DMK Beta Gel is formulated particularly for sensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. It almost immediately boosts skin's immune defences, reduces swelling, redness and inflammation, allowing healthier skin cells to fight back.

DMK Acu-Moist offers light, non-greasy daily moisturising for acneic skin. The sulfate and paraben-free formula helps to rebalance oily and congested skin whilst also soothing and calming.

If in doubt, make an appointment!

At Face the Future, each treatment is tailored to the individual, depending on the severity of the condition and what we are trying to achieve. However, most patients will require a series of treatments alongside topical homecare products. Acne patients often require a number of clinic treatments over a series of months to improve the condition of the skin, control the acne and minimise scarring.

With offer many different treatment options available, this allows us to compose a bespoke treatment plan, completely tailored to each individual. We offer free consultations at our CQC registered clinic where our patients receive genuine and impartial advice.

To find out more about our acne treatments or to book a FREE consultation, please call the clinic on 0113 282 3300 or book online.

Written for you by: Alex, Face the Future

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