Wellness Wins: How To Add Wellness Into Your Skincare Routine

Wellness Wins: How To Add Wellness Into Your Skincare Routine

This January, our focus campaign of the month is Wellness Wins and we're talking all about the importance of including wellness practices into your daily routine through your skincare regimen. Whether it's just one simple product addition, or a full wellness regime, we've got you covered. Read More.

What Is Wellness?

Wellness is typically confused with defining your physical health - but it's much more than this! It also includes taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing by ensuring your are engaging in activities that reduce stress, improve your mood, and increase positivity.

It's a lifestyle choice, so making the change in each aspect of your day to day life, even if it's the smallest difference, can significantly impact the balance in all aspects of your life.

How Does Wellness Go With Skincare?

It may come as a shock, but wellness actually goes hand in hand with your daily skincare regimes. It's all about self-care! Whether you have the streamlined, simple skincare routine, or you like to indulge in one a little bit more in-depth, it all works towards improving your overall wellness. 

This January, whilst focusing on new goals and routines, why not have a look at your skincare and discover how you can introduce wellness rituals using products for the ultimate sense of relaxation.

1. ESPA Relaxing Salt Scrub

Pamper your skin with this luxurious salt scrub, formulated with natural sea salts and sweet almond oil. Its gentle yet exfoliating texture deeply nourishes and hydrates even the roughest and driest skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Indulge in this soothing treat and let the specially designed formula renew and refine your complexion, leaving it radiant and glowing. Suitable for all skin types, this salt scrub is the perfect way to provide your skincare routine with wellness and some much needed self-care.

Using just twice a week, massage the scrub into your dry skin in upward circular motions to experience complete serenity. Pay extra close attention to those drier areas that need a little more TLC and watch as the scrub gently sweeps away rough and dead skin cells for a delightfully soft finish.

2. OSKIA Bedtime Beauty Boost

Overnight is the most important time of the day for your skin to go through the regeneration process. This is the perfect overnight treatment cream to restore your skin to a youthful appearance. 

Packed with 11 beauty-boosting active ingredients, including peptides, hyaluronic acid, omegas, and vitamins, this formula will provide you with the ultimate hydration replenishment alongside deep wellness with this evening routine addition.

A potent blend of vitamins A, B3, and E work together to increase cell turnover, prevent moisture loss, and protect against free radicals. To take your bedtime skincare regime to the next level, simply apply this cream onto your clean dry skin on your face, neck and décolletage and watch as you wake up with a intensely rejuvenated complexion.

OSKIA Bedtime Beauty Boost

3. Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula

January is full of new beginnings and new routines, so why not bring wellness to your routine that works from the inside out? This broad-spectrum food supplement helps to support a healthy heart, brain, muscles, bones, and energy levels to fully optimise your physical and mental health. 

With a daily strip of five capsules and one soft gel, this complex will work synergistically to support your skin, body and mind well-being.

While this product is suitable for all skin types and ages, it is particularly beneficial for those with busy, fast-paced lifestyles who are looking for extra support to maintain healthy, radiant skin.

4. Olverum Dry Body Oil

Get ready to pamper your skin with this ultra-light, super nourishing body oil. Packed with over 30 amazing botanical oils, this oil is the perfect addition to upgrade your post-shower routine. Upon application, the delightfully calming and breathable formula will absorb into your skin leaving you with a smooth and supple finish alongside a light and beautiful fragrance.

Not only does this intensely moisturising complex restore your skin barrier function and provide you with long-lasting hydration, it is also rich in antioxidants which are perfect for protecting your skin on a day-to-day basis from free radicals.

What are you waiting for? If you're ready to bring wellness into your skincare routine with this dry body oil, simply spritz this fine mist across your skin, massage in and wait as it the soothing fragrance helps to calm your mind and body.

5. Natura Bisse Diamond Well-Living The Warming Gel

Melt away stress and tension with this ultimate warming gel. Providing you with a soothing and relaxing sensation, this gel works to help your skin relax and relieve discomfort. Formulated with a thermoactive ingredient, the lightweight formula stimulates your skin to invigorate warmth and wellness.

Whether you've been hitting the gym to succeed your new year's resolution, or just had a long day at work, the heat you experience from this gel is a truly soothing experience. 

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ESPA Relaxing Salt ScrubESPA Relaxing Salt Scrub
ESPA Relaxing Salt Scrub

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OSKIA Bedtime Beauty BoostOSKIA Bedtime Beauty Boost
OSKIA Bedtime Beauty Boost

Formulated with a blend of 11 beauty-boosting actives, this overnight treatment cream regenerates and rebuilds to restore a youthful appearance.

A closed box of Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality FormulaAdvanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula
Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula

This broad spectrum food supplement supports healthy heart, brain, muscles, bones and energy levels. Each Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula blister strip contains: multivitamin/mineral tablet, antioxidant complex capsule, vitamin C with bioflavonoids tablet, omega 3...

Olverum The Dry Body OilOlverum The Dry Body Oil
Olverum The Dry Body Oil

Natura Bisse Diamond Well-Living The Warming Gel tubeNatura Bisse Diamond Well-Living The Warming Gel
Natura Bisse Diamond Well-Living The Warming Gel

Formulated to create a warm, soothing sensation on your skin, The Warming Gel helps your skin relax and relieves any discomfort.

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