WE ARE PARADOXX Plastic Free Haircare

WE ARE PARADOXX Plastic Free Haircare

Founded in 2019 by Yolanda Cooper, WE ARE PARADOXX was introduced as the ‘eco-chic brand that just does things differently.’ With the aim to bring natural, high-performance, vegan, cruelty free, and plastic free haircare and bodycare to the industry, WE ARE PARADOXX is the only truly sustainable haircare brand.

Speaking of the brand, Yolanda said: "when I looked at my bathroom shelf, I saw a huge disconnect in the products I was using. The skincare and cosmetics were all natural, organic and of the highest quality and performance. The hair and bodycare was just... not. No brand was offering products that I connected with. Natural haircare looked and felt lacklustre; and most interesting, innovative brands offered products containing toxic ingredients. So, I created WE ARE PARADOXX, the cool, clean, and sustainable, hair + body brand."

Plastic Free Beauty

WE ARE PARADOXX use aluminium packaging to help fight the war against plastic waste and to help to reduce the amount of plastic that's reaching our oceans and landfill, 

They chose aluminium as they can be infinitely recycled without losing its grade and form – something that can’t be said about plastic. As the brand notes, recycling plastic or using recycled plastic just isn't enough to protect our environment. The brand has furthered their efforts by establishing Plastic Free Beauty Day, that falls on June 17th, specially to support and encourage the beauty industry to move away from plastic packaging for good.

Irish Hair Rituals With Biotech Performance 

WE ARE PARADOXX make big, bold claims - claims that are backed by careful research and real, visible results from clinical trials and their devoted customers alike. 

The eco-friendly brand believe that product performance shouldn't be compromised when choosing natural, clean beauty. Their formulas are free from:

  • Toxins
  • Mineral oil
  • Parabens
  • PEGs
  • Sulphates
WE ARE PARADOXX healthy hair growth

Top 5 WE ARE PARADOXX Products To Try

WE ARE PARADOXX Growth Advanced Scalp Serum

Powered by the brand's proprietary Trioplexx Technology, this advanced serum works to effectively stimulate your scalp and hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair growth and strengthening your hair bonds to reduce breakage and add fullness. The serum also works to energise your hair shaft elongation, giving the result of longer, wider roots that help your hair to appear thicker, fuller, and all around much healthier. 

The serum has been clinically proven to increase the appearance of your hair thickness by up to 75%, decrease hair fall after brushing by 50%, and develop up to 47% more new hairs in just six weeks*, with 100% of users agreeing that their hair looks thicker and healthier in just 4 weeks.*

Supercharged with stimulating extracts that include caffeine, vegan keratin, biotin, and horsetail extract, the serum is a real powerhouse that you'll love to add to our healthy hair routine.  

*All claims based on the results of an independent user trial and instrumental testing

WE ARE PARADOXX Repair Game Changer Hair Mask 

This 96% natural hair mask gives your locks a new lease of life. With a high-performance formula specially created to transform your tresses, the mask will leave you with smooth and shiny strands that feel much stronger. 

    WE ARE PARADOXX Volume Blow Dry Spray

    Ramp up the volume! This 94% natural volume tonic works to add volume and shine to your hair using the power of white nettle.

    If you're looking for the salon-professional bouncy blowout look from the comfort of your home, this blow dry spray will soon become your new haircare hero. It's even suitable for all hair types, so whether you have virgin or coloured hair, you'll notice a visible difference. 

    WE ARE PARADOXX Moisture Hangover Hair Elixir

    Rehydrate your tired and hungover tresses with this 99% natural hair elixir. 

    Working to add shine to dull hair and smooth frizz, the formula works as a leave-in treatment, or a finishing oil, and with the addition of strengthening Irish whiskey, your strands will be fortified and shiny, with added bounce.

      WE ARE PARADOXX Detox Dry Shampoo Powder

      This 90% natural dry shampoo powder will cleanse, refresh, and combat your oily hair woes.

      With activated charcoal and kaolin clay, the powder works to remove impurities and toxins from your scalp and hair, leaving your hair feeling healthy and clean, and smelling beautifully fresh. Ideal for when you need your mane to hold out just one more day, or for a freshening boost whenever you need it. 

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