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Wellbeing edit

As World Wellbeing Week draws to a close, we've been focusing on why wellbeing is super important when it comes to nurturing your overall health. And, as a company of skincare and beauty lovers here at Face the Future HQ, one important way we take care of our personal wellbeing is by taking time out for our self-care rituals. 

Whether you treat yourself to a weekly pamper evening ahead of a busy week, or take a little extra time each day to carry our your wellbeing skincare routine, we have a beautiful selection of products that will help you embrace a little self care time from the comfort of your own home - whether you're route to calm is skincare, a relaxing bath, or even supportive supplements for a calmer mind. 

Supplements For Your Self-Care

Supplements can be a great way to take care of your body and feel a sense of wellbeing from the inside out. Many of us don't reach our daily requirement for certain vitamins and minerals that our body needs through diet alone, so supplements can be a great way to support your body. 

Vida Glow De-Stress

This chewable liquid burstlet has been specially created to help support your mind when you're feeling overworked and overwhelmed. The orange-flavoured formula comes in a burstlet that works on both your sensorial and physiological mechanisms that moderate how your body adapts and responds to stress in both the short and long-term to bring you to the present and help you to feel calmer and more grounded.

The burstlet includes: 

Vitamin A - to support your skin, vision, and immune system function.

Vitamin B3 - to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin B12 - to contributes to the normal functioning of your nervous system.

Vitamin C - to support your immune system and psychological function. 

DHA - to contribute to the maintenance of your normal brain function.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality formula

Support your heart, brain, muscles, bones, and energy levels with these expertly created vitamins. Classed as a broad-spectrum food supplement, the supplements are designed in daily blister strips and contain six supplements that are specifically produced to support fast-paced lifestyles, and your skin, body, mind, and wellbeing.
Each blister strip contains:

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vitality – a modern multi-vitamin containing a huge 28 vitamins, minerals, and plant nutrients.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Antioxidant – this contains seven plant nutrients that includes green tea, turmeric, and lutein.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vit C – a blend of vitamin C, zinc, and acerola berry that helps to brighten your skin.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas+ – this softgel contains omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids along with vitamin A.

Brain Capsule – containing specialist brain-specific nutrients, this capsule helps to support your cognitive function and helps to combat the signs of brain fog and fatigue.

Energy Capsule – this capsule contains L-Carnitine and alpha lipoic acid (which is commonly referred to as the "master antioxidant"). The infusion works together to help support your energy production. 

Soak And Shower Your Stresses Away 

To us, there's nothing more soothing than a relaxing bath or a revitalising shower after a long day. Not only does the warm water help your muscles and body to relax,but it also makes your blood flow around your body easier, helping you to breathe deeper and slower, giving a sense of wellbeing. As a bonus, the heat can also work to kill bacteria and improve your immunity, helping to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu - perfect for those summer colds or even that stuffy hay fever feeling. 

grüum blöta Salt Soak Lavender and Chamomile

Ideal for use before bedtime to help lull your body into a relaxing slumber, these calming bath salts are blended with lavender and chamomile to bring you peace and tranquility whilst soothing irritation. The salts are made in the UK, and are made from 99% naturally derived ingredients. They're also vegan-friendly and are free from plastic. 

The ingredients include:

Potassium - to fade dark spots and scars, stimulate your cell renewal, and give your skin a radiant glow.

Magnesium - to relax your muscles, relieve tension, and support healthy blood flow.

Lavender - to soothe irritation, calms your nervous system, and protect your skin.


Global Wellness Day 2023 - Wellbeing Edit

Wildsmith Skin Vitality Shower Oil 

This deeply cleansing, nourishing and hydrating shower oil is expertly fragranced with Wildsmith Skin’s Vitality essential oil blend that helps to awaken your senses and focus your mind.

The luxurious oi, transforms into a silky cleansing milk once it comes into contact with water, and works to gently cleanse, hydrate, support, and soothe your skin barrier.

The ingredients include a nut-free rich botanical oil that blends English Oat, English Chai Seed, and Rosehip Seed Oil to leave your skin healthily hydrated and feeling soft and nourished. 

The infusion also includes:

Black pepper - that gives a deep, penetrating warmth to your skin. It's extra beneficial when it's massaged into your skin after exercise, or even when you're feeling under the weather with colds and flu as it helps to ease aching muscles, encourage skin suppleness, and also has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties to help keep your skin healthy. 

Ginger root oil - that evokes feelings of courageousness and self-assurance thanks to its spicy, woody base. It helps to relieve anxiety and is known as the 'Oil of Empowerment' in aromatherapy. 

Cedarwood oil - that can help to elevate your mood and help you to overcome stress, leaving you free to focus.This is thanks to the compounds it contains that can affect the limbic system of your brain. 

Mist Your Way To Calm

Body mists are a super quick and easy way to help calm and ground yourself whether you're at home or on the go. We love to keep a body mist in our bag for those moments where you crave that pocket of peace in your busy day. 

KORRES Relaxing Lavender Body Mist

Powered by Aromadream technology, this calm- evoking mist is enhanced with Korres-owned pure lavender extract. Whether helping you to unwind at the end of the day, giving you a calm cloud of tranquility on the go, the mist encourages decompression and helps to dissolve the tensions and stress of your day. 

Scent Your Space

Scenting your space is an incredible way to elevate your mood or relax your mind. And with so many beautiful aromatherapy oils available, there's a scent to match your every mood. 

ESPA Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser Pod

Infuse the air around you with this beautiful aroma that scents your space and balances your mind, body, and soul to perfectly match your mood.

This modern day diffuser has been expertly designed to accompany ESPA's collection of aromatherapy Signature Blends. So whether you want to improve your focus, lift your spirits, or wind down and relax into a blissful sleep, this innovative diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to release the perfect amount of fragrant vapour into your home to help to nurture your wellbeing. 

Enhance Your Wellbeing Skincare Rituals

Having a good skincare routine to look forward to on a morning and evening can really make a difference to your wellbeing. Care for the skin on your face and body with our two glow-enhancing favourites below as loved by our FTF team and you, our amazing customers. 

Decléor Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Day Cream With Hyaluronic Acid

Restore your skin's radiance with this luminosity-giving day cream. Infused with hyaluronic acid, the moisturiser helps to plump out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, the powerhouse brightening blend of green mandarin, sweet orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils work to energise your skin. 

MIRROR WATER Smooth Body Oil

Hydrate and condition your skin with this nourishing body oil. Expertly blended with 99.65% naturally derived ingredients, the non-greasy formula gives you a dose of daily indulgence for your skin and your senses.

The formula contains.

Grapeseed oil – works to smooth your skin.

Marula oil - contains antioxidants and omega fatty acids to soften your skin.

Camellia oil – helps to nourish dry skin.

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Vida Glow De-stress

A closed box of Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality FormulaAdvanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula
Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula

This broad spectrum food supplement supports healthy heart, brain, muscles, bones and energy levels. Each Advanced Nutrition Programme Pro-Vitality Formula blister strip contains: multivitamin/mineral tablet, antioxidant complex capsule, vitamin C with bioflavonoids tablet, omega 3...

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ESPA Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser Pod

Your companion for modern living, ESPA Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser Pod infuses the air around you with a beautiful aroma that scents your space and balances your mind, body and soul to match your mood.

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