The Best Facial Devices To Invest In Before 2024

The Best Facial Devices To Invest In Before 2024

Introducing the future of skincare. As technology is evolving, skincare devices are becoming revolutionary in bringing your skin regime up to the next level. From LED face masks to our newly launched German beauty tech brand, GESKE, uncover our most recommended facial devices for you to enter into 2024 with healthy, glowier skin.

1. NEWA Radio Frequency Facial Device

Bring skincare clinic technology to your home with this powerful yet safe to use at home treatment device. At the heart of this NEWA device is 3DEEP radio frequency technology, used in EndyMed clinic treatment, that offers you a relaxing and pain-free experience. This device works by generating energy that provides heat deep in the skin to boost your collagen production.

Fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elastin and a dull complexion can all be due to loss of collagen. Stimulating production beyond your skin's surface with this device will work to reverse these effects, leaving you with a healthier, more radiant complexion.

After just one treatment using this revolutionary device, you will notice your skin looking plumper and tighter. After continued use of up to 12 weeks, any fine lines and wrinkles will be visibly reduced and your skin will be noticeably smoother.

2. Deesse Pro Express LED Mask

Sit back and relax with this glow-on-the-go LED face mask. Featuring the Deesse Pro's most popular mode "express", you can turn into your own facialist whether you're at home or globetrotting! This portable express light therapy facial provides you with wavelength of Red and Near Infrared to deliver anti-ageing benefits leaving you with an overall improved skin tone and texture.

The Deesse Pro LED Mask is popular within clinical settings, so the brand have brought you an easy to use alternative so in between your clinic sessions, you can continue to maintain your facial benefits.

This express version works to stimulate your body's natural rejuvenating process without exposing you to harmful UV rays. In just four weeks, the low-light therapy is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 35%, as it delivers you with a safe therapeutic dose that stimulates your collagen and elastin production.

The Best Facial Devices To Invest In Before 2024

3. GESKE MicroCurrent Face-Lifter | 6 in 1

Upgrade your skincare routine with complete control with GESKE's advanced AI technology. Become your own personal at home skin expert, and unlock the power of GESKE with skin analysis and recommended skincare devices, and even track your progress of your skin goals! All of that at a click of a button...

This 6 in 1 Microcurrent Face Lift device is perfect for you if you are looking to create a firmer, radiant glow. As it massages your skin, the currents work beyond the surface to increase circulation, eliminate toxins and ease any facial tension. 

Your collagen productions will also be stimulated, repairing the loss of elasticity in your skin for a tighter complexion, alongside reducing fine lines and wrinkles creating a more even skin tone.

4. Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit

Dramatically increase the effectiveness with this at home micro-needling device as it allows for a deeper penetration of your skincare products. Sometimes your skin can be a little stubborn and the active ingredients we need to work past the surface can't reach their potential.

Creating small punctures with the Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit removes this obstruction so the active ingredients in your skincare products can reach through the depths and past the surface making them 10,000 times more effective than simply applying products topically. 

Don't fear, the name micro-needling sounds a lot worse than what it is. This simple yet effective device is pain free and delivers an array of skin benefits when used as part of your skin regime. This includes helping to restore skin tightness, reduces pigmentation, smooths fines lines, and thickens thin skin. 

5. FOREO BEAR Fuchsia

Have you ever heard of a workout for your face? This at-home facial toning device brings exercise to you skin as it works to help lift, tone and contour your facial shape for a firmer, radiant complexion. Powered by T-Sonic™ pulsations alongside 5 intensities of microcurrent technology, your energising facial will target areas of concern for an improved appearance.

This skincare device is non-invasive and features an Anti-Shock System which measures your skin's resistance to the electricity and any adjustments will be made to ensure the microcurrents deliver maximum safety and comfort during use.

Simply glide the device across your cleansed skin for 3 minutes in any areas of concern, and watch as the contours of your face firm for a healthier, tighter complexion.

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Deesse Pro Express LED MaskDeesse Pro Express LED Mask
Deesse Pro Express LED Mask

Get the ultimate on-the-go glow with the Déesse Pro Express LED Mask! This portable 10-minute express LED light therapy facial delivers anti-ageing benefits featuring Red & Near Infrared light.

Environ Cosmetic Roll-CitEnviron Cosmetic Roll-Cit
Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit

The Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit is the latest revolutionary design from Environ in skin care treatments.


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