Say Goodbye To Dehydrated Skin

Say Goodbye To Dehydrated Skin

Just when you think you've got your skincare regime nailed to tackle your oily or dry skin type, something else comes along to throw everything off again. No matter your skin type, you are prone to experiencing dehydrated skin at some point. Stresses in your life, the changing seasons, poor diet and genetics can all contribute to this concern. Now that we're transitioning out of winter and saying hello to spring, I'm having to give my skin some extra TLC to prevent water loss.

The first step is spotting the signs

Dehydration often goes unnoticed as most of us aren't really sure what we're looking for. When skin is dry (a skin type caused by lack of oil) the skin often feels tight, can be flaky, the pores tend to be small, the complexion can be dull and products tend to take a little longer to absorb. Dehydrated skin (a skin concern caused by lack of water) can feel tight but deceptively appears oily and products absorb rapidly. My skin is naturally on the oily side so it can be hard to spot when it is dehydrated, but I can always tell when my foundation starts to disappear and go patchy throughout the day as my skin soaks up all the water from the product in an effort to replenish hydration levels.

Next, it's time to take action

DMK mists are always in my daily regime to help prevent dehydration. The Herb & Mineral spritz is a great inclusion in any regime, as it increases dermal hydration and maintains the skin's natural lipid and water barrier to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. It's also great for spritzing throughout the day, even over make up, to give skin a refreshing hydration boost.

I've also recently begun using Vitamin B3 in my daily regime to strengthen the outer layer of the skin, again allowing it to retain moisture for longer. It also helps to boost ceramide levels, restoring a really healthy glow to the skin. My favourite right now is the Synergie Vitamin B Essential Serum, as it contains a whopping 13% Niacinamide, higher than most other serums on the market.

When my skin needs an instant boost, I always reach for my trusty Mesoestetic Crystal Fiber Mask. Originally designed to replenish moisture following in-clinic peels, this mask is amazing for re-establishing optimal hydration levels in a flash.A new product to Face the Future that I've been loving is the Murad Age Reform Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence. The blend of Mexican blue agave leaf, watermelon, apple and lentil work deep in the skin to support its natural moisturising factors, as well as attracting and retaining hydration.

Not sure which product would work best for your dehydrated skin? Call our skincare experts on 0113 282 7744.

Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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