Product Review: Environ Ionzyme Gold Roll-CIT

Product Review: Environ Ionzyme Gold Roll-CIT

The brand new exciting Environ Gold Roll CIT has been branded the best and most effective roller/needling tool in the Environ range. With its luxurious gold plating it is antiseptic, easier to clean and more durable than it’s competitors. Great for any skin type especially sensitive skin, it will enhance the overall look of your complexion and makes your skin feel smoother and softer from the first use.

This roller will be effective for wrinkles, loose skin, ageing, scarring and hyperpigmentation. So it is great for a whole range of skin issues for both men and women.¬† For ageing skins it induces an ‚Äúavalanche‚ÄĚ of collagen production within the dermis, resulting in skin tightening and lines diminishing.¬† Skin looks firmer and complexions look smoother.¬† Needling promotes a healthier skin and allows the products you are using to penetrate deeper into the skin enabling better results. Moisturisers can seep further into the dermis instead of sitting on the skin, allowing skin to look and feel plumper and more radiant. Ultra-fine, medical quality needles attached to a cylindrical roller create multiple skin punctures that induce a wound healing response that stimulates new collagen and elastin production for a younger looking skin.

This roller can be added into any night time beauty regime to really intensify the results of any other products you are using. This product is a real treat to use on the skin, all you need to do is cleanse the skin and start rolling! We recommend you use this roller twice a week to start with for 3 minutes per area on your face and build up to using it daily. After rolling all you need to do is rinse the tool with water, apply your moisturiser and love the results!

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