Product Review: Dreamweave & Co Lash Construct Magnet Mascara

Product Review: Dreamweave & Co Lash Construct Magnet Mascara

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent each year in the search for the right product to help us achieve the look we’re wanting, most women we speak to have tried a number of products and felt they’ve failed miserably when looking for the right shade of foundation or the most long wearing mascara. Recent research conducted by Superdrug showed that the average woman spends approximately £9,525.21 throughout her life, on make-up alone!

So as soon as we could, we had to get hold of and trial Dreamweave & Co’s range of mascaras described in the glossies as ‘false eyelashes in a tube’. I was the first to try the Original Dreamweave Lash Construct Magnet Mascara in black. Having used many different products ranging from £6- £35 I couldn’t wait to try it out. Here’s my account:

On opening the box the brush is not very big or thick but this helps with precision on application. As I applied the mascara I could feel the product going onto the lashes, it didn’t feel heavy but I was aware that it was doing something. I normally put on mascara and then reapplying throughout the day or night but as the silicone formula wraps around each lash it’s advised to only apply once as further applications are not needed and may cause the dreaded clumping effect.

I wore the make up all day at work and into the evening and was impressed by the fact that I had no smudging or flaking, which can usually occur on a long day of school runs, work, and general everyday activities. There was none at all. My lashes definitely appeared longer and on picking my son up from school I had a few friends comment on the difference in my eye make-up.

I used my usual Dermaviduals DMS Milk Cleanser to remove the mascara, which worked really well. Initially I thought my lashes were coming off! I quickly realised, however, it was the silicone that had been wrapped around each lash to create the effect. I loved the long lasting look it created and can confidently say the search for my perfect mascara stops here! Money wasted on the wrong mascara can now be saved…

Dreamweave Lash Construct Magnet Mascara is a must have for anyone who wants a mascara they can rely on! Order yours now at or call us on 0113 282 7744.