LYMA: An Interview With Founder, Lucy Goff

LYMA: An Interview With Founder, Lucy Goff

Inspired by the transformative effective of powerful, patented ingredients, LYMA founder, Lucy Goff, founded the company based on scientifically backed innovations. We dove into the ins and outs of this globally loved brand that's on a mission to harness the power of cutting edge science.

What is LYMA's mission and Philosophy?

"The LYMA mission has always been to redefine what’s possible." Lucy explains. "Be that in terms of efficacy, engineering, or power, LYMA pushes boundaries beyond anything that’s gone before. Our philosophy is that in refusing to accept the limitations of the status quo, we can enable people to reach their full potential."

LYMA have a clear approach as a brand that individuals' goals are always at the heart of what they do, including health, performance, sleep, and skin. But their aim has always been and will always be to empower their customers to look and feel their very best. 

With this approach Lucy has seen a complete change to the industry, "We've inadvertently reshaped the entire wellness industry to focus on efficacy and results."

What inspired the creation of LYMA and how does it differentiate itself in the industry?

"The impetus for LYMA came in 2012, after I’d been battling septicaemia for six weeks following the birth of my daughter. Despite seeing various physicians who prescribed me a convoluted cocktail of drugs and a multitude of ineffective supplements, I still wasn't functioning." Lucy explains.

Whilst this was what the doctors thought was the best thing for Lucy with her condition, it wasn't until she met Professor Paul Clayton, a world-renowned expert on preventative degenerative disease and evidence-based nutrition, that her life was truly transformed - health wise and more.

Professor Paul Clayton gave information about the supplement industry which left Lucy appalled. He then went on to explain his own supplement recommendations. "He prescribed a new protocol using only peer-reviewed, patented ingredients, dosed at active levels, had a rigorous sourcing procedure, and were formulated so that the body could actually absorb them." Lucy says. "This made far more sense to me, and within weeks of taking them, I started to feel like myself again. Within a few months, I felt better than I ever had before. I was firmly on the path to my future self."

"That’s when I realised that this approach could empower people - all people - back to health and beyond. That was at the very beginning, and that’s what remains at the heart of LYMA, creating true change backed by science. In a way, I wish that didn't differentiate us because the industry should be doing that for the good of the consumer, but sadly, that's not the reality." Lucy explains.

Could you share some insights into the research and development process behind LYMA products?

At LYMA, their commitment to innovation is unwavering. They believe in harnessing the power of cutting-edge research to create products that truly make a difference in people's lives. By staying at the forefront of scientific advancements, LYMA is able to offer their customers the most advanced and effective solutions available.

"This is only possible through a vast network of leading scientists, plastic surgeons, geneticists, and longevity doctors who provide us with essential insights into the latest technologies, which in turn inspire our product development." Lucy says.

Designed to enhance both your inner and outer well-being, LYMA is powered by formulation based on the latest research and the most potent ingredients available. From prebiotics and algae to other powerful compounds, LYMA's blends are scientifically engineered to optimise you daily routine and promote over health and wellness.

How does LYMA stay at the forefront of industry trends?

"We don't!" Lucy exclaims. "We actively avoid them. For me, that's the beauty of LYMA, we don't align with the trends - we sell three products that do what they say on the tin. We aren’t in the business of hopping on the latest buzzword or contributing to the hype about the trendiest superfood, because our products address a genuine efficacy gap in the market."

LYMA strive to take their time, and do the fundamental research that ensures that scientific-breakthroughs and technological innovation is always at the forefront of what they produce.

"No promises, just proof." Lucy reiterates.

LYMA: An Interview With Founder, Lucy Goff

Can you share any upcoming product launches or developments that LYMA enthusiasts can look forward to?

"There’s some fascinating research that's just come out of our global science team which has decided our next launch." Lucy says. "It’s highly classified so I can’t say much more than that right now but we are so excited about what the rest of this year has to offer – watch this space!"

As LYMA continues to reach new heights in the beauty and skincare industry, they work create new and exciting products as their research develops. Are you a newbie to the brand? The LYMA Supplement Starter Kit is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the power of these ground-breaking supplements. The potent blend of ingredients work to optimise your body's system by delivering supercharged benefits. 

What is the most exciting or rewarding aspect of working on LYMA?

With highlights throughout the process of creating LYMA as a brand and all their amazing products, it can always be hard to pick out a favourite moment. However, Lucy recalls this as a contender: "the mind-blowing science, the satisfaction of holding in your hands a product that's taken five years to reach fruition or even producing technology that everyone said wasn’t possible." Lucy explains.

But what really resonates with her is the community feedback. "The best part for me is hearing stories of how our products have helped people," Lucy says, "and knowing that we are making a real difference to the lives of our customers. That’s what started all of this, needing to change my life for the good of my family and that’s where my heart still lies." 

How does LYMA approach sustainability ethical practices in its production processes?

"Being B Corp certified means that at LYMA, we care as much about the environment around us as the people we encounter on an everyday basis." Lucy says. This inclusivity sits perfectly with our ethos of changing lives for the better, by helping people feel and look their best and by being accountable and transparent to our actions."

For those new to LYMA, what would be your top recommendations for incorporating LYMA products into a daily skincare routine?

Lucy highlights the importance of individuals to remember that betterment doesn't mean you have to make it boring and take over your life. Herself and the team at LYMA have worked to make the LYMA protocol as simple as possible - so anyone can enjoy the benefits. 

"LYMA works in a logical ecosystem; take care of your skin health from the inside through gold standard supplementation that brings down inflammation, balances the biome, and rebuilds collagen and elastin throughout." Lucy explains.

"Nourish your skin with potent epigenetic actives able to manipulate gene expression in favour of regeneration and halt ageing processes at a cellular level. All the while, supercharging your skin’s natural energy supply and vital processes with a powerful laser. It’s the complete 360 skin protocol working at every level from the inside out."

And as for a last pocket of wisdom to take away? Remember: "the power to change your skin and health is right there at your fingertips."

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