LYMA Supplement Refill - 30 Days
LYMA Supplement Refill - 30 Days
LYMA Supplement Refill - 30 Days
LYMA Supplement Refill - 30 Days

LYMA Supplement Refill - 30 Days



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What are the main benefits & what can it help with?

Refill your LYMA supplement with this 30 day supply.

Optimise your body’s systems and feel your best with this powerful daily supplement.

Delivering supercharged benefits that cannot be achieved by a healthy diet alone, the supplement helps enhance your beauty, focus, immunity, sleep, and stress.

This is the only formula in the world to contain ten peer-reviewed, patented ingredients that are sourced from the world’s most advanced laboratories. LYMA supplement ingredients are added in the doses that are proven to work.

LYMA promise zero compromises with a gold-standard formula that you can trust.

The supplements contain ten proven ingredients:

  1. 100% Cold Water Dispersed Turmeric Extract: HydroCurc® 600mg
  2. Highly Specialised Wellmune® Blend Prebiotic 250mg
  3. Naturally Occurring Autacoid, Levagen®+ 350mg
  4. Potent, Algae-Based, Vita-Algae D® 2,000 i.u.
  5. Full Spectrum Adaptogen Sensoril® Ashwagandha 250mg
  6. The Ultimate Cognitive Nutrient: Cognizin® 250mg
  7. Technology Enhanced LycoBeads® Natural Tomato Lycopene 30mg
  8. MenaQ7® Matrix 75µg
  9. The World's First 96% Solubilised Keratin, Cynatine® HNS 500mg
  10. Unique Standardised affron® 28mg

The supplements can help you with:

  1. Improving your sleep so you feel well-rested.
  2. Maximising your immunity and resilience whilst strengthening your system for better health.
  3. Improving your performance by sharpening your mental dexterity, focus, and clarity.
  4. Helping to balance your mood, beat stress, anxiety, and mood swings.
  5. Enhancing your beauty by strengthening your nails, restore thickness to your hair, and nourishing your skin from within.

Benefits of LYMA Supplement Refill - 30 Days:

  • Optimises your body’s systems.
  • Maximises your immunity and overall health.
  • Enhances your nails, hair, and skin.

How to use:

Take four capsules a day, every day. 

Two in the morning with breakfast and two in the evening with dinner work best. You can also take four capsules at once at any time of the day that suits your schedule.

None of the ingredients contain stimulants that risk keeping you awake at night. None of the ingredients are known to cause drowsiness during the day.

Avoid taking the supplement around caffeine as this can impact their absorption – ensure to leave 30 minutes before and after.

If you take less than four capsules daily, you will not be taking an effective dose and will not experience full benefits. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Size: 30 days

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