Is ISOCLEAN The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner?

The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner

Introducing the latest brand to join our Face the Future family: ISOCLEAN! This innovative brand creates cost effective and easy to use cosmetic hygiene solutions to keep your makeup tools and cosmetics sanitised and skin-safe. 

The product of choice for professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike, ISOCLEAN can be spotted sat atop makeup stations at the ITV studios right through to the dressing tables of your favourite beauty influencers.  

Why Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes? 

Dirty makeup brushes are really bad news for your skin. Home to many bacteria, such as fungi, e-coli, and staph, your dirty makeup brushes are a breeding ground for those skin-disrupting nasties. 

Not only do dirty brushes spell trouble for your skin, but they also have a huge impact on your makeup application, leaving your finish less than flawless. 

What Do Dirty Makeup Brushes Do To Your Skin? 

From mild skin irritation right through to breakouts and infections, your dirty brushes can cause a ton of problems for your skin. So, if you're spending money on your skincare routine and generally take good care of your skin, it makes perfect sense to ensure that your brushes are kept clean and sanitary, too.

How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

According to our resident makeup artist, Rachael, your makeup brushes and tools should be thoroughly cleaned every week to keep the bacteria at bay. "If I'm using strongly pigmented products, like dark eyeshadows, I'll spot clean my brushes after each use to keep them fresh, clean, and performing as they should." Rachael says. "For brushes that have been used to apply liquid foundation, or my cosmetic sponges, I'll clean these properly after use daily using a specialist soap and warm water. Every brush I use during the week is treated to a deep clean at the end of the week - it's part of my Sunday routine!"

Rachael also says it's a good idea to clean your palettes and compacts regularly, too, "spritz your compacts and palettes with your sanitising product every week to kill any bacteria. If you've been unwell and had a cold or some other kind of infection, keep on top of your cleaning and sanitising routine. And if you've had an eye infection? Make sure to throw your old mascara away and replace it with a fresh one to avoid re-infection."

ISOCLEAN: The best makeup brush cleaner

Top ISOCLEAN Products To Try 

ISOCLEAN Carbon Soap

Keep your brushes sparkling with this advanced brush cleaning soap. Working to eliminate the dirt and bacteria from your makeup brushes with ease, the soap is made from a unique formula that utilises activated carbon. It helps to absorb the build-up that's found in your brushes in order to leave our brushes as clean as new. 

With an included scrubbing mat, it's easy to remove even the toughest formulas and pigments in no time at all. 

ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner

Keep your cosmetic makeup sponges looking fresh out the box with this professional formula. Eliminate dirt, harmful bacteria, and stubborn bacteria - all in the space of 60 seconds.

ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner With Detachable Dip Tray

Expertly clean your makeup brushes with ease with this makeup brush cleanser and detachable dip tray. 

Simply pour a little solution into the dip tray until the tray is half full, then dip the tip of your brush into the solution and gently swirl for five seconds. Then, remove your brush from the solution and squeeze the bristles with a clean paper towel until they're dry. 

The formula removes a huge 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, all whilst conditioning your brush bristles to leave them clean and soft. 

ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner With Spray Top

If you prefer a spray top instead of using a dip tray, then you'll love this handy spritz bottle that's great for on-the-go or those speedy brush spruce-ups between colour swaps.

Suitable for all brushes, the no-rinse formula works to remove even the toughest formulas and strongest pigments. Additionally, it removes germs, dust, dirt, makeup, and dead skin with ease.

ISOCLEAN Makeup Resurrector

Most of us have experienced the absolute horror of dropping our favourite powder product and seeing it smash into pieces. But instead of popping it into the bin, ISOCLEAN have the perfect product to resurrect your powder and have it as good as new in no time!

The innovative formula allows you to salvage your broken powder makeup products, all without affecting the performance of the formula. So, whether it's an eyeshadow or a face powder, or a bronzer, blusher, or even your favourite highlighter, this ISOCLEAN offering will save the day.

What's more, the Resurrector sanitises your product, killing 99.9% of germs, and it won't leave any harmful residue on your makeup, so you can use your products with confidence. 

Shop The ISOCLEAN Collection

ISOCLEAN Carbon Soap
ISOCLEAN Carbon Soap

£7.50 £10.00 25% offsaving
ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge CleanerISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner
ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner

£12.00 £16.00 25% offsaving
ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner bottleISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner With Detachable Dip Tray
ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner With Detachable Dip Tray

£9.00 £12.00 25% offsaving
Sold out
ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner - Eco RefillISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner - Eco Refill
ISOCLEAN Cosmetic Sponge Cleaner - Eco Refill

£8.25 £11.00 25% offsaving

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