Introducing Swisscode Skincare

Introducing Swisscode Skincare

With a new year come lots of exciting product launches and one of the first new ranges to hit the Face the Future shelves is Swisscode. As with any newbie it's only fair to have an introduction, so today we're taking a look behind the brand so know a little more about them before making your first Swisscode purchase!All the way from Switzerland, Swisscode is a range of concentrates designed to complement and enhance your usual daily routine. These pure concentrations have powerful blends of active ingredients, meaning you only need a few drops to help you on your quest for radiant skin.The brand consists of two ranges

Swisscode Pure

This collection of seven concentrates tackle the most common signs of ageing, such as dryness, lack of firmness, age spots, redness and irritation. The biochemists at the Swisscode labs have used cutting-edge technologies to decode the contributing factors of ageing and to correct the damage, leaving skin looking much younger. All unnecessary, potentially irritating ingredients have been avoided, leaving just the active ingredients in their purest form. With no parabens, emulsifiers, preservatives, alcohol or colourants, these products are also produced under sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, so when they say this range is pure, it really is pure!

Swisscode Bionic

Have you ever been out in the middle of winter and seen a single flower managing to survive through the tough winds and icy snow? Mother nature has equipped them with stem cells that provide the powers of repair and rejuvenation. As these stem cells work so well in plants, they have now been harnessed in skincare, which is the basis of the Bionic range. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the biggest challenges our skin faces when it comes to ageing are targeted by the 3 serums in this range. As well as working to revive ageing skin, powerful antioxidants protect against further damage from environmental factors.These concentrations are ideal for tackling different concerns of ageing skin, and as they come in concentration form, they can simply be slotted into your existing regime.

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Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future