An Interview With Votary's Co Founder Arabella Preston About Beauty, Business & Friendship

arabella preston votary interview

Votary's Co Founder Arabella Preston has spent the majority of her adult life working within the beauty industry. From makeup-artist to plant-based skincare mogul, she took the leap into business and never looked back. So how did she do it? Read on to discover Arabella's thoughts on her journey so far...

Tell us the story behind starting Votary? What inspired you to launch it?

I was working as a make-up artist and became obsessed with oil cleansing as the best way to remove make-up without compromising skin health. I also always used facial oils to prep my clients skin. My business partner Charlotte is an old friend - we were just chatting one day about skincare and I started to obsess to her about oils and simplified routines. The next thing I knew we were launching Votary together! I think Votary is still seen as the oils expert but we have now applied that knowledge and expertise to a myriad of other products - serums, masks, lip oils, creams etc. 

What’s the best thing about being a businesswoman in the beauty industry?

The beauty industry is a fantastically supportive industry. I feel so fortunate to be working in such a supportive, collaborative and innovative industry. 

What’s the hardest thing about being a businesswoman in the beauty industry?

There is still a huge lack of diversity at the very top level of large beauty corporations. It's improving, but far too slowly.

Since launching Votary, what’s been your most rewarding moment?

So many! But just very simply the day we launched and I walked up to Liberty to see our products in the windows was the moment it all became real.  

Tell us about 3 women you look up to and couldn’t live without?

My business partner Charlotte, my sister and, if I'm allowed to group them together, my WhatsApp group of my best school mates. 

What are your go-to skincare essentials that help you to feel your best every day?

My everyday routine is always Votary Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil, Super Seed Serum and Super Seed Facial Oil. It is a failsafe routine that soothes my skin if it is feeling a little sensitive but also gives great glow and radiance.  I couldn't be without those three products.

What are your top 3 tips for aspiring businesswomen wanting to start their own beauty brand?

  1. Work in the industry first. It doesn't matter what the job is but some understanding of the industry is crucial.
  2. Ask for help. The beauty industry is incredibly supportive and you'd be surprised how willing others are to advise and mentor.
  3. Be passionate about your products. It sounds obvious but you have to really believe, adore and USE the products yourself!

What are your goals for the future? Anything exciting in the pipeline for 2022?

Yes, some new product launches I am really excited about (but frustratingly can't talk about just yet - sorry!)

Arabella's Go-To Votary Products

1. Votary Cleansing Oil


2. Votary Super Seed Serum

3. Super Seed Facial Oil

Shop the full Votary range now online at Face The Future. Need some help choosing which Votary products are right for you? Get in touch with our skin experts. 

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