Discover Good For Skin Makeup By et al.

good for skin makeup by et al.

Beginning with a makeup artist, a scientist, and a wealth of over 30 years of skin health science at the iiaa, et al. was created. Designed to bring good for skin makeup to the beauty market, the carefully curated line of products is filled with products that experts and beauty enthusiasts alike wished previously existed. 

Believing that makeup shouldn’t undo the visible effects of your skincare routine, rather, they should complement your skincare regimen, et al. created makeup products that work to hydrate and protect your skin. With multipurpose makeup designed to give you a healthy glow and a natural flush of colour, this is the new generation of scientific makeup, and it’s time to wear it your way.

What Does et al. Mean?

et al. means 'and others’. The name came from the concept of creating makeup products that do more. et al. develop each product by carefully utilising the latest science in skin health – by infusing their makeup products in skincare actives at functional levels, their collection delivers real results to your skin. 



Who Can Use et al.?

et al. can be used amongst all ages and on all skin types – whether you have problem skin, mature skin, oily skin, or combination skin, these skincare hybrid products have been designed to work in synergy with your skin, and won't make it worse. In fact, the creators of et al. are confident that their vegan makeup products can help your skin rather than hinder it.

The products are non-comedogenic and allow air permeation to your skin cells during wear, meaning they won’t clog your pores and allow your skin to function as normal. They’re also designed to easily cover redness and help to reduce inflammation, whilst still looking natural and light on your skin.

Skincare Makeup Hybrids: For Makeup That Helps Your Skin

et al. makeup fuses the benefits of skincare with the coverage, fun, and expressive qualities of makeup. The formulas across the range are infused with ingredients like:

Blue Shield – to protect your skin from blue light and infra-red radiation.

Hydrachrysum™ - to hydrate your skin long term.

Squalane – to provide moisture to your skin.

Floraglo lutein – to provide antioxidant protection and hydration.

Vitamin E – to give your skin antioxidant protection.

Vitamin C – to brighten your skin and promote collagen synthesis.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – to give eco-friendly UVB and UVB protection.

Cruelty Free And Vegan Makeup 

None of et al.'s formulas contain any ingredients that have been obtained directly or indirectly from an animal source.

Discover Good For Skin Makeup By et al.

Additional Testing For The Ultimate Performance

In addition to the routine testing for skin sensitivities and allergies, et al. also cover comedogenicity testing, and dermatologist testing to ensure that their products are completely safe for your skin.

They also test for phototoxicity, and heavy metal level, and, depending on the product, they may include water resistance, long wear, antioxidant levels, blue light protection and UVA/UVB protection, as well as pilot studies designed specifically to look at the impact on hydration, sebum, and other skin parameters.

Refillable Makeup

From refillable blush to cheek and eye makeup, et al. offer several options when it comes to convenient, refillable makeup products. Not only are refillable products easier (and cheaper) to replace once you run out, but they're more environmentally friendly, too. 

et al. have explained that the packaging supply chain is complicated - particularly when it comes to producing products with high levels of active ingredients as the packaging needs to be compatible with the formulas. The brand states that they have consciously tried to use as little single use plastic as possible, and, will always strive to keep their responsibility to the planet at the forefront of their intentions.  

Inclusive Shades To Suit Your Skin Tone

e al. have a selection of 32 shades across their Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation range, and 16 shades across their Intelligent Skin Cream Concealer range that covers a range of skin tones from light to very deep. 

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