frank body: The Cruelty Free Beauty Brand That Began With Coffee

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When Steve Rowley kept getting asked for leftover coffee grounds by the customers in his Melbourne cafe, he began to question what made coffee grounds such a hot commodity. After asking his customers what they used them for, Steve was surprised to learn that his customers were using them to create at-home body scrubs.

After feeling inspired, Steve enlisted the help of his now wife, Bree and asked her to try out the coffee grounds at home. Initially feeling a little silly, Bree soon realised just what the cafe customers were on to - the coffee body scrub made her skin feel, and look, amazing! So, over coffee, Bree. Steve, and three of their friends, Alexander, Jess, and Erika, set to work dreaming up the Australian-based skincare brand that would take the beauty world by storm: frank body.

Why Is Coffee Good For Your Skin?  

Just as coffee perks your mind and body up in the morning (make ours a triple shot!), it also works wonders for your skin! From stimulating your blood circulation and in turn giving your complexion a healthy glow, to buffing away dead skin cells to brighten and smooth your skin, it's a winning ingredient for silky soft skin. Not to mention its antioxidant properties that help to reduce inflammation, reduce redness, and fight acne.

Even better? frank body infuse their coffee-based products together with a whole host of skin-loving ingredients, like nourishing oils and vitamins, to buff, hydrate, and nourish your skin to perfection. 


frank body: Coffee Scrub

Five frank body Products You Need To Try 

1. frank body Coconut Coffee Scrub

This 100% natural and vegan body scrub will give your skin a healthy glow all year round. Infused with a blend of coffee and essential oils, the summery-smelling formula works to tackle scars, stretch marks, and dry skin, to leave your body feeling super soft.

Free from microbeads, the scrub contains kind-to-skin ingredients to buff, nourish, and nurture your skin.

Roasted and ground Robusta coffee beans: stimulates your blood flow, promotes your natural collagen production and scrubs away dry skin that makes your skin appear dull and lacklustre.

Grapeseed oil: with skin-friendly fatty acids along with vitamins C, D & E, this oil helps to fade scars and tighten your skin.

Coconut oil: with anti-bacterial and anti-dryness properties, this is the natural answer to dry, patchy skin.

Jojoba beads: gently polish away dry skin, along with fake tan and any dullness.

2. frank body In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub and Soak

This two-in-one body scrub and bath soak has been specially designed to help you relax and unwind before you get your essential beauty sleep - something we all need if you want to feel great and look great, too! With a skin-softening blend of Epsom salts, chamomile, and lavender oil, the scrub works as a polish when it's gently massaged all over your damp skin, and dissolves away in the tub to release its soothing, relaxing aromas to lull your body into a relaxed state for a deep beauty slumber. 

The key ingredients are: 

Epsom salts - help to exfoliate and smooth away dry, tired skin. They're well known for relaxing muscles and easing pain thanks to the magnesium - which also relaxes your body and helps you to rest. 

Lavender oil - is rich in antioxidants and works to protect, nourish, and soften your skin.

Chamomile - helps to aid in that all-important relaxation.

frank body: rosehip body scrub & cleanser

3. frank body Charcoal Body Scrub & Mask

This two-in-one formula is infused with charcoal doubles as mask and scrub for your body. The gentle exfoliating formula is suitable for all skin types, and helps to buff away dead skin cells and remove impurities to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and beautifully hydrated.

The key ingredients are:  

Charcoal - known for its deep cleansing abilities, charcoal draws out impurities,  like bacteria, excess oil, and sweat, that cause breakouts to leave you with even and clear skin.

Tea tree oil - giving anti-inflammatory benefits, this is a not-so-secret weapon for combating those body breakouts. 

Caffeine - works to firms and tightens your skin.

Grapeseed oil - moisturises, hydrates, and evens your skin tone and is incredible for oily and acne-prone skin. 

Milk thistle oil - is rich in antioxidants to block out those pesky free radicals that cause premature ageing. 

4. frank body Glide 'N' Go Body Oil Stick

Don't want to get your hands dirty? No problem! This easy-to-use Glide ‘N’ Go body oil stick allows you to provide hydration to your skin in an easy swipe. 

Perfect to pop in your bag and take on the go, you can roll on a hit of instant hydration and nourishment as and when you need it for a gorgeous all over glow. What's more, you can even use it as a body highlighter!

Avocado Oil: this moisturising oil is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, and works to smooth and brighten your skin.

Rosehip oil: a nourishing oil, rosehip will brighten dull, tired-looking skin and help to fade away your scars.

Shea butter: hydrate and nourish your skin without that greasy feel. 

5. frank body Lip Scrub Original

Get soft and oh-so-smooth lips with this delicious blend of coffee, sugar, and ethically sourced beeswax scrub.

Whether you're prepping your lips before you apply your favourite lipstick, or you simply want to maintain a kissable pout daily. this 100% natural lip scrub smells gorgeous, and tastes gorgeous, too!

The key ingredients include:

Ground robusta and coffee seed oil - to stimulate blood flow and your natural collagen production to help your lips look smoother and plumper.

Raw sugar: to give gentle exfoliation that polishes away dry skin and reveals soft lips.

Cold-pressed macadamia oil: to keep your lips comfortably moisturised during scrubbing and after rinsing away. 

Ethically sourced beeswax: this moisturising wax stays on the lips after rinsing your scrub away to keep your pout perfectly moisturised. 

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