Five Supplements You Need To Know About

Five Supplements You Need To Know About

Yes, topical skincare is hugely important, but it's important that we remember what goes inside can affect our skin just as much as what we put on the outside. We take supplements to improve our joints and fight off colds, so why should skin (our body's largest organ) be any different? No matter your skin type or concern, there will be a supplement out there for you, so here is our top five need-to-know list.

Vitamin C

Many people take vitamin C to help improve their immune system and it's well known that it's a powerful antioxidant in skincare. It can also aid in tissue repair and boost collagen production.

Eat: Other than your traditional citrus boost, kale is also super high in vitamin C, with 41mg per 100g.

Supplement: For a high dosage of this wonder vitamin, try the Advanced Nutrition Programme Vitamin C Plus.

Vitamin B3

Although not as widely known as vitamin C, vitamin B3 also has a big part to play in healthy skin. It has been shown to improve dermal hydration and improve moisture in the upper most layers of the skin. A deficiency in vit B can contribute to dry skin and dermal problems such as eczema.

Eat: You'll find plenty of B vitamins in green leafy vegetables.

Supplement: Although its main ingredient is marine collagen, Skinade is also abundant in vitamin B3.


Never underestimate the effect your gut can have on other aspects of your health. Surprisingly, it can also have a negative impact on your complexion.

Eat: Fermented foods are a great natural source, but maybe not to everyone's palette! Sourdough bread is a much tastier alternative of a digestive aid.

Supplement: The Advanced Nutrition Programme Probiotics are incredibly easy to take - simply sprinkle the sweet tasting powder over food or into drinks.

Vitamin D

The lack of sunshine in the UK, combined with diligent SPF application (which is never a bad thing, BTW) has lead to many of us Brits being deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is really important for not only our skin health, but also our general health, so supplementing it is always a good thing.

Eat: Mushrooms, cheese and egg yolks all host vit D.

Supplement: High in vitamin D and a whole host of other natural skin-loving nutrients are the Miguel Mateas Synergy+ Day.


Omega 3 and Omega 6 have many roles in improving skin health, including reducing inflammation, keeping cells flexible, boosting radiance and improving the appearance of oily, problematic skin.

Eat: Fish such as salmon, halibut or sardines.

Supplement: Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Omegas+ contain Omega 3, Omega 6 and a dose of vitamin A. These are my personal must-haves!

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Written for you by: Ellie, Face the Future

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