Thursday, 06 August 2015

Environ AVST Explained

The AVST moisturisers by Environ are some of our biggest selling products, and for good reason. They are a brilliant product for introducing vitamin A into your skin regime. But with their different levels, AVST can cause a bit of confusion and we often asked a ton of questions about the products. So here is the definitive guide of everything you need to know about Environ AVST.

Firstly, what is AVST?

AVST stands for Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy. It contains a blend of active ingredients, in particular vitamin A, a crucial ingredient to include in your regime if you want to maintain healthy and youthful looking skin. Vitamin A increases cellular turnover, which will improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

So, why all the numbers?

Environ AVST moisturisers run from level 1 up to level 5, with each level containing larger amounts of vitamin A. It’s important to introduce vitamin A to the skin slowly, as going straight in with a high dose can be hard for the skin to tolerate and may cause excessive dryness and peeling.

Which level is right for me?

Although it may be tempting to jump straight in at a higher level to give your skin a bigger vit A boost, don’t! The levels are there for a reason, so go through the stages and your skin will see the benefits.

When it comes to moving up a level, the best way to decide if you’re ready is to listen to your skin. If you have made it through a level with no irritation to the skin, you will probably be prepared to take a higher dose. A great way of slowly introducing a higher level to mix a little of your current level in with the one above until eventually your skin can move on up. Most people can make it to level 3, but levels 4 and 5 contain much higher amounts of actives, so not everyone can make it. Don’t push your skin further than it can take, you’ll notice a difference no what level you are at.

Are there any side effects?

Due to the increased cellular turnover, the skin can sometimes get a little dry. Since I’ve been using this product I haven’t had any dryness, but it all varies from skin to skin. If you do get some flaky patches, using a hyaluronic should restore your hydration levels. If the dryness is more of an irritation, it could be that you are on too high of a level, so speak to one of our advisers and it may mean you have to drop back down.

To place an order for AVST, or to discuss this product with one of our skincare experts, call us on 0113 282 7744.

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