Discover Sheet Masks And Beauty Tech With BEAUTYPRO: An Interview With Brand Co-Founder, Ibs Ansari

Person wearing the BEAUTYPRO PHOTON LED Mask

Following in her mother’s footsteps, BEAUTYPRO co-founder Ibs Ansari has dedicated her entire professional career to beauty, spa, and wellness, creating unique and innovative products to fill gaps within the beauty and beauty tech industry. Working alongside her partner, David, Ibs launched BEAUTYPRO in 2008 with their very first product:  a portable hot towel steamer which was an instant hit with mobile therapists and salons.

Wanting to make salon-quality face masks available to the masses, Ibs and David launched their range of skin-soothing sheet masks in the UK in addition to their Photon LED Mask, transforming every day at-home skincare routines into a moment of luxurious self-care for all skin types and tones.

Ibs shares: “our BEAUTYPRO masks provide so many benefits to the skin, including deep hydration, nourishing your skin in just one step.

Innovative, Ingredient Focussed, And Sustainable Skincare

Looking for gaps in the market, BEAUTYPRO aims to innovate not replicate - utilising the latest industry finds to help their customers with their skin-specific needs.

Ibs says: “Our BEAUTYPRO mantra is to create innovative skincare products that have the maximum impact on the skin, whilst having minimal impact on the planet, all while adding a little luxury to our customer's daily routine.”

Formulating their products with tried and tested active ingredients, BEAUTYPRO target specific skin concerns, creating blemish-controlling, hydrating, anti-ageing, and brightening masks to soothe and restore your skin.

Aiming to minimise their impact on the environment, BEUATYPRO’s pioneering sheet masks are also sustainable. Ibs shares: “We’ve innovated the change in the thinking behind single-use packaging by introducing the world's first biodegradable pouch for sheet masks, making this single-use item a planet-friendly way to indulge in the best care for your skin.  We all have a responsibility to our planet and put as many planet-friendly practices into place to limit our impact on the environment. This includes, but is not limited to, 100% green energy in our buildings, introducing a zero air freight policy, adopting over 2 million honeybees, introducing biodegradable packaging and sourcing our ingredients ethically and sustainably.”

lady relaxing in a bath wearing a BEUATYPRO sheet mask


Making their sheet masks biodegradable, BEAUTYPRO ensure that their pouches begin to biodegrade immediately, taking just 1% of the time compared to traditional plastic with no trace of microplastics in the sea or soil.

Beauty Tech By BEAUTYPRO

Creating an LED skincare mask in the hopes of helping their customers achieve salon-quality skincare from the comfort of their own home, Ibs is thrilled to bring the PHOTON LED Mask to the market. She shares: “Our easy-to-use mask gives you all the benefits of LED light therapy at home. Using 5 LED therapy options in 1 product, the LED PHOTON mask helps to achieve bright, clear, youthful-looking skin”

Winning multiple awards, including Glamours’ The Best Adjustable LED Face Mask, BEAUTYPRO’s PHOTON LED Mask is embedded with 432 micro LED, trumping most masks on the market that have sub-100 lights. Offering red, blue, yellow, purple, and infrared light therapy, this innovative mask targets ageing, acne-prone, and dull skin boosting your complexion from within to leave if rejuvenated, balanced, and radiant.  

Explore The BEAUTYPRO Collection


Formulated with cica and niacinamide, this 15-minute BEAUTYPRO CICA & NIACINAMIDE Blemish Control Sheet Mask calms, soothes, and hydrates, the gentle biodegradable bamboo-fibre mask minimising reactions, inflammation, and skin sensitivity. Boosting collagen production and controlling sebum levels, this calming sheet mask rebuilds your skin's moisture barrier, rejuvenating your skin to leave it fresh and balanced.

Preventing breakouts, this calming sheet mask reduces redness, flushes out toxins, and minimises pores, making it a great option for acne and blemish-prone skin.

lady wearing  BEAUTYPRO sheet mask


Locking moisture into your skin, this intensely hydrating BEAUTYPRO HYALURONIC ACID Sheet Mask is infused with hyaluronic acid, wild rose, and chamomile, a natural inflammatory, that calms redness, minimises puffiness, and prevents skin breakouts, leaving your skin clear, refreshed, and youthful.

BEAUTYPRO RETINOL Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask

Soothing acne-prone and ageing skin in just 15 minutes, this BEAUTYPRO RETINOL Sheet Mask boosts collagen production, plumping skin to minimise fine lines and calm skin inflammation, leaving your complexion balanced and even.

Defending against free radicals, this seaweed kelp complex, organic pine oil, and wild yam-enriched sheet mask boosts the anti-ageing process within your skin, nourishing, conditioning, and increasing skin elasticity to leave your skin healthy, firm, and rejuvenated.  

BEAUTYPRO VITAMIN C Brightening Sheet Mask

Boosting your skin, this blueberry, yuzu citrus, and sea buckthorn-enriched BEAUTYPRO VITAMIN C sheet mask boosts your skin’s collagen production, rejuvenating, hydrating, and renewing to leave your complexion bright, awake, and glowing.

Banishing the visible signs of tiredness and ageing in just 15 minutes, this antioxidant and vitamin-rich mask eliminates redness, hyperpigmentation, and under-eye circles plumping and refreshing your skin while hydrating and defending against free radicals.


Harnessing five light therapy colours, this BEAUTYPRO PHOTON LED Light Therapy Mask soothes your skin, offering salon-quality facial treatments from the comfort of your own home. Featuring 432 LEDs, that provide red, blue, yellow, purple, and infrared light therapy, the mask targets ageing, acne-prone, and dull skin, boosting cell renewal and collagen production to smooth, soothe, and brighten your complexion.

Transforming light that enters your skin into intracellular energy, this LED mask kickstarts a photochemical and enzymatic reaction, boosting glycogen and protein production to plump your skin, minimising fine lines and wrinkles to leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated, and bright.


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