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Murdock London male grooming range

A luxury male grooming brand, Murdock London are so much more than just a barber. Realising the confidence-boosting power of every haircut, shave, and beard trim, their highly skilled team work to help their clients walk out the door feeling sharp and ready to face the day. And now, with their expert line of luxury men’s haircare products and men's grooming products, you too can get the Murdock feeling at home.

From premium beard care and haircare to bodycare, discover the range of male skincare inspired by the vibrant culture, lifestyles, and people of the Big Smoke.

More Than A Barber

Murdock isn't just about haircuts; they care about men's wellbeing. Their "More Than A Barber" movement highlights the important role barbers can play in supporting their clients' mental health, going beyond the typical haircut experience.

Murdock barbers create a safe space for men to open up. Trained in Mental Health First Aid, they're there to listen without judgment and offer support. Whether you need a listening ear or some guidance, they're there to help in any way they can.

Murdock understand that a good haircut or beard trim can do wonders for your confidence. But looking good is just one piece of the puzzle. They acknowledge that self-care isn't always easy to fit in, but their barbers are all about uncovering its benefits. They've even been trying out some highly-rated activities themselves – from relaxing moments to more challenging activities. They’re aiming to share the news that there truly is something for everyone, and they hope to inspire everyone to find their own self-care routine.

The "More Than A Barber" movement is here for the long haul, and they believe taking time for yourself can make a big difference – a sentiment our FTF team agree with.

Clean Label Products

Murdock explained that when they revamped their men’s grooming and men’s bodycare line, their barbers led the charge. Their motto? 'Everything a man needs, nothing he doesn't.' They believe in transparency about what goes into their products.

They explain their focus as twofold: performance and clean formulas. Avoiding ingredients linked to health risks, even if they're considered effective, they take men's health seriously, as their Flagship Head Barber, Joe, emphasises: "We care about our clients and won't gamble with their health."

So, why avoid these ingredients? Some are linked to serious health concerns like prostate cancer, which they actively avoid in their formulations. Others are known irritants, causing issues like dandruff or eczema.

They prioritise safety and exclude ingredients linked to immediate reactions, like hormone disruption (linked to obesity, sperm damage, and certain cancers), and long-term health risks. They believe that sacrificing shelf life (parabens), foam (sulfates), or fragrance enhancement (phthalates) is a small price to pay for wellbeing. “Phthalates, in particular, are concerning due to potential links with decreased testosterone and fertility.” They explain. “Clean Label means that we as a company are invested in our customers and their health, whilst providing products of the highest quality. It’s a badge that proudly says that we won’t put any old rubbish into something to make it appear to work better.” Says Shoreditch Senior Barber, Aaron.

Ocean Friendly Formulas 

Murdock London have a clean ethos - partnering with an ocean-friendly manufacturer, their products biodegrade safely in water, contain no microplastics to harm marine life, and avoid chemicals that damage reefs.

Vegan Male Grooming

Murdock London made a pledge that by Spring 2021, their entire product range would be 100% vegan. Even their shaving and beard brushes – traditionally made with animal hair – will feature high-performance, cruelty-free synthetic bristles thanks to the dedication of their vegan team members. They say they are proud to be a vegan-conscious grooming brand making a difference.

Shoreditch Senior Barber, Aaron, says: “Developing vegan formulas highlights a commitment to the environment and shows that we can excel at being forward-thinking, proactive and engaged in making the world - and our barbering community - better.” 

Murdock London Sea Salt Spray product image

7 Murdock London Products You Need To Try

Murdock London Beard Shampoo

This specially formulated beard wash keeps your facial hair feeling great without stripping away natural oils. Made with a balanced pH and free of sulfates, it cleanses thoroughly while remaining gentle on both your beard and skin.

Murdock London Beard Balm

Tired of fighting beard balm residue? This innovative balm is here to change the game. Unlike many beard products that leave your beard feeling greasy and weighed down, ours delivers a pliable hold with a completely natural finish.

This means you can say goodbye to that stiff, uncomfortable feeling and hello to effortless beard control. Shape and style your facial hair with ease, all while maintaining a soft, touchable look. No more helmet beard, just a healthy, well-groomed beard that looks and feels amazing all day long.

Murdock London Beard Oil

Your beard deserves the same care as your hair! This nourishing beard oil, crafted by barbers, is packed with a blend of natural oils to keep your facial hair strong and healthy. It conditions and strengthens for a smooth, shiny beard, while also keeping the skin underneath supple and comfortable. Plus, it's made with "Clean Badge" ingredients, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your face.

Murdock London Sea Salt Hair Styling Spray

Forget flat hair! This volumising spray is your secret weapon for big, textured styles. Sea salt acts like a natural hair plumping agent, expanding your hair fibres for effortless volume and a cool, matte finish. It's the perfect first step for any hairstyle, whether you're rocking long locks or a shorter cut

Murdock London Quince & Oakmoss Shampoo

Healthy hair starts with a clean scalp. This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses your hair without stripping away moisture, leaving it feeling refreshed and healthy. No dryness, just a great foundation for strong, beautiful hair. Ditch the harsh chemicals and start your hair care routine right!

Murdock London Black Tea Body Wash

Cleanse and invigorate your body with a touch of luxury. This sulfate-free shower gel from Murdock London lathers up beautifully, releasing a warm, spicy scent of black tea with woody notes. It gently cleanses your skin without stripping away moisture, leaving you feeling refreshed and smelling amazing. It's the perfect way to elevate your daily shower routine.

Murdock London Sea Salt Volume Mousse

Pump up the volume with this thickening matte mousse that gives your roots a lift, creating the perfect base for any hairstyle. Get ready for serious volume and a great hold that lets you restyle throughout the day – without stickiness.

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