Be aware of fake Dermamelan products

Be aware of fake Dermamelan products

We were recently contacted by someone who purchased Dermamelan maintenance cream from ebay and was concerned as to the authenticity of the product. The cream, was an unusual colour and looked different to previous products purchased.

We suggested the client posted the product out to us for closer scrutiny. On closer inspection of the product (see below how the tampered Dermamelan compares to our authentic Dermamelan) it is obvious the right hand jar is not authentic.

Maintenance cream ba

As you can see, it looks like the maintenance cream has had some other product mixed and added to the residual of the original product. It is quite difficult in this example to establish if the product is genuine because the retailer has used genuine dermamelan packaging but the contents are not genuine.

The person who bought this product from ebay is now currently in a dispute with the buyer to get her money back (which is proving difficult and time consuming). She bought the item from an ebay seller based in Belgium and there are other sellers from around the world selling these products on ebay, and other non authorised websites.

If you are buying products please ensure you know the source because you can make the pigmentation far worse if its not the correct product.

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